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Prefabricated testing & maintenance pit for trucks

The ATT truckbay is a completely prefabricated pit for trucks up to 60 tons, and a standing height of up to 1.60 meters makes modern and ergonomic work possible. The truckbay is welded to be water-tight and oil-tight.

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ATT Nussbaum Prüftechnik GmbH

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The truckbay consists of leak proof steel cassettes, which thanks to the self-supporting structure make complex formwork or armouring during the installation unnecessary. Our truckbay is available in different versions and lengths up to 42,5 meters. The regular standing heights are available from 1.50 to 1.60 meters. With the truckbay, two variants of truck loads are distinguished in accordance with DIN 1072: SLW30 for 30 tons and SLW60 for 60 tons. You are able to drive over the closed cover with the specific traffic load (30 or 60 tons). The truckbay is available with or without an automatic roll cover, the truckbay cover, which is optional available as one piece or divided in two pieces.

truckbay components:

Besides the standard lighting with 58 Watts of moisture-proof lamps, we offer optionally a hand lamp with cable- winder. The hand lamp ensures an exact detail view under the vehicle.

Compressed air installation:
The piping for the compressed air is already assembled and equipped with 3 brazen quick-couplers. The compressed air installation can additionally be upgraded to stainless steel piping.

Electrical installation:
The standard electrical installation includes: circular cable conduit, two electric safety sockets 230V/ 50Hz, which are shock-resistant and protected from jet water (IP65) with wiring. Additional sockets can be installed at any time.

Stairs and emergency ladder:
The truckbay with two sets of pit stairs; additionally we offer an emergency ladder. The stairs are powder-coated with anti-slip surface. The two sets of stairs are available in three types: standard stairs, stairs with space for pit jack and stairs with space for hanging jack.

Drainage 2 methods:
The water is purged with a drainage pipe, which can be attached to either the sewage system of the workshop, or into a pump pit with a submerged pump.

Surface treatment:
The truckbay is protected from corrosion with a special two-component active primer, as well as special two-component finish coating. They offer ideal protection against commercial oils, greases and acids.

The flooring of the truckbay is covered with grating, 30 x 11 mm mesh. Therefore an easy visual underside inspection and easy cleaning is possible.

Workshop equipment
We offer a variety of workshop equipment which upgrades the truckbay functionality. For example: brake tester, joint play detector, pit jack and a lot more!
Assemble your own truckbay.

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