BACHMANN INTELLIGENT PDUs: Make your data centre safe and reliable.

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Security, availability, energy saving, automation and the latest technology: A data centre today has to meet a wide range of different requirements – from the technical and legal side as well as the stakeholders in the company.

In addition to a huge selection of Basic PDUs, BACHMANN's BlueNet series offers you complete solutions with the intelligent product series BlueNet BN2000 – BN7500 for your power distribution in your data centre.

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BlueNet BN3500 – BN7500
The BN3000 – BN7500 generation of our BlueNet products is synonymous with state-of-the-art technology – whether in the form of power distribution units (PDUs) that can be cascaded via Modbus, integrated, universal-current-sensitive residual current monitoring, command line tools or the rotating OLED display.

And there's more: our features represent safety and efficiency; and can be integrated into DCIM systems. From a single workplace you can monitor and control your data centre's complex power network locally or remotely. 

BlueNet residual current monitoring (RCM)
Using residual current monitoring allows changes in the level of insulation of a power supply to be detected at an early stage, before protective devices are tripped by a residual current that puts people at risk and involves the risk of fire. This time advantage allows countermeasures to be planned and contributes to the high availability of the power supply and therefore the system. 

Thanks to the BACHMANN BlueNet PDU, this residual current monitoring isn't just undertaken at central measuring points, but at rack level per PDU, per phase or even per socket group. 

BlueNet 380 VDC PDU Basic
The use and storage of regenerative energies on the one hand, but also the demand for energy savings on the other, today place completely new demands on the planning and operation of modern data centres. One solution for this is the all-purpose use of DC voltage, because both photovoltaic systems, energy storage and the IT terminals work with DC voltage. 

Modern power electronics today offer a wide range of options for converting direct-current (DC) voltages almost loss-free, which makes power transmission and conversion much more efficient. This is where our DC PDUs come in, offering various benefits.

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