No. 35 Floor & Table Lamp

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No. 35, the original BALADA & CO. model, assumes a striking, self-confident presence in any space. Its four legs make it an impressive, epic manifestation that carries its shade in a powerful, dignified manner while its long arms protectively encompass the light.

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Balada & Co.

Marschallstrasse 7
80802 München


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Material lamp stand:


BALADA & CO. uses Multiplex boards from Finland, which are pressed with a special high pressure laminate (HPL). This creates a highly matt surface with extremely low light reflection. Coupled with warm wooden trim, an especially classy ambiance is created.


For the first time in a lamp collection, BALADA & CO. is using FENIX NTM® - compact, extremely opaque boards produced using nano technology. Advantages: highly matt surface, excellent color depth, soft to the touch, anti-fingerprint.

Lamp Shades:

An absolute classic

The slightly conical textile shades embody clear, sleek extensions to leg contour, leveraging carefully chosen proportions to underscore the classy presence of this BALADA & CO. Collection. High-quality chintz - available in matt and velvety iridescent textures - opens up a wide array of prospects for personalization, harmonizing with the trendy, muted colors to create distinct interiors.

Shade with charme

Our cloth shades are comprised of an elastic crêpe mesh stretched over a curved bar stand to yield a striking threedimensional shade of refined quality. The matt, slightly granular surface is sandy-soft to the touch, providing for exquisite elegance and comfort. When the light is on, the shade turns translucent, creating an extraordinary sensation of lightness.

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