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Although Barazzoni “officially” opened in 1903, the company dates back to 1897, when Giovanni Battista Barazzoni set up a small workshop to produce household articles from tin, brass and copper. A few years later, the company manufactured more than 139 different items. In 1970 Barazzoni is the first company that, with the launch of Tummy collection designed by Ennio Lucini, introduces the design in the creation of cookware and kitchen tools, winning numerous awards, including the prestigious Compasso d’Oro ADI in 1979. In 2003 - the year of the company’s first centenary - Barazzoni launches the My Lady line, designed by Architect Claudio Bellini that interprets the continuity of the company’s mission to build high quality, beautiful and highly functional cookware. The My Lady collection has been honored with numerous prestigious international design awards (Good Design, Red Dot). More than a hundred years after its birth, Barazzoni is now a company that boasts the production of stainless steel cookware, non-stick aluminum cookware pressure cookers and tableware with a high attention to design, innovation, quality, functionality, environment and consumer’s health. Barazzoni exports its products in more than 80 countries in the world and sharing but the best respect of our origins and what we really are. Passion for design, attention to quality and detail and high technology, in line with the tradition of Made in Italy. Barazzoni, a company that is in the forefront, in terms of technology and production, always pays particular attention to consumers’ health and to the environment. In this sense, with constant research into innovative materials and new generation coatings, such as the PFOA-free non-stick coating, the company expresses its great commitment to supporting health and ecology. Barazzoni constantly monitors the evolution of the market that changes and becomes more and more articulated and complex. The continuous research allows the company to be at the forefront, always trying to interpret the latest trends, tastes and consumer demands, which are constantly evolving. Listen to consumers; understand their cooking experiences. This vocation - together with the great passion with which dedicates to production - allows Barazzoni to manufacture every day so many unique items, such as unique is every recipe in the kitchen.

Range of services

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The wide range of items that Barazzoni offers is constantly updated to suit the needs of consumers. The different materials used allow consumers to choose the one that best

suits their needs. Barazzoni, with its constant care and attention to detail, manufactures functional and captivating cookware. A good example of the expression made in Italy.

Barazzoni for over sixty years has established itself as a leading manufacturer of stainless steel cookware. Over the last fifteen years, it has gradually expanded to aluminum

non-stick production. Today the company can provide almost every tool needed for food preparation and cooking.

Barazzoni is the only leading company able to meet every need in the kitchen.

Stainless steel production ranges from the highest quality products and design to more commercial products. The coated aluminum ranges from traditional non-stick, coined

or printed, to the novelty of these years: the “stone” finish, also this declined on various product segments and price, from cast iron to printed or coined.

Pressure cookers, utensils and cutlery complete the range.

All expertly curated by the hand of Claudio Bellini whom, for over a decade, has signed the company’s products.



Historic series, which contributed in ruling the success of the name Barazzoni. Tummy stands out...

Barazzoni S.p.a. Via C. Battisti, 46 28045 Invorio (NO) Italy +39 0322 253100


Granitica Plus

Barazzoni continues the technological renewal of the of coated aluminum collections: Granitica plus...

Barazzoni S.p.a. Via C. Battisti, 46 28045 Invorio (NO) Italy +39 0322 253100


My Lady

Unique design and technology, My Lady collection is a successful mix of form and function that...

Barazzoni S.p.a. Via C. Battisti, 46 28045 Invorio (NO) Italy +39 0322 253100


Silicon Pro Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker designed to cook different foods differently. Innovative Dual System® two-position...

Barazzoni S.p.a. Via C. Battisti, 46 28045 Invorio (NO) Italy +39 0322 253100


My Lady Utensils

The My Lady utensils include a Ladle, Small Ladle, Carving Fork, Spaghetti Server, Spatula and...

Barazzoni S.p.a. Via C. Battisti, 46 28045 Invorio (NO) Italy +39 0322 253100

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