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About Us

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The Beirholm role

Beirholm is the leading supplier of industrial textiles for the professional laundry rental industry. There is no doubt about it: we are the most innovative company in the development of Context Engineered Textiles, which are operational-fit, market-fit and manufacturing-fit textile solutions in design concepts, colours, textile qualities, operational excellence, durability and time to market

Our business proposition is very simple:

We activate the full potential of the entire value creation network to develop and deliver the most profitable textile solutions on the market to leasing laundries, leasing laundry customers, and the consumers.

Range of services

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Context engineered textiles by Beirholm

Since 1870, Beirholms Væverier A/S has been developing unique expertise and technology for textiles in the industrial laundering market – working in close cooperation with our customers.

The greatest value is added through focused cooperation. For that reason, Beirholm works in a targeted way in the ‘value creation network’, with selected producers and suppliers of machinery and chemicals, in order to ensure development of the most sustainable and most profitable textiles.

A complex process throughout; from responsible cotton farming - to fibre and textile production at the manufacturing sites – to the development of pool-ready textile qualities that are profitable throughout the entire laundry process, and also offer attractive designs. All carried out to guarantee the laundries will be able to do business with even the most demanding end-customers.

The future begins here – with Context Engineered Textiles

The result is Beirholm’s new collection of Context Engineered Textiles, developed specifically for the textile service industry. Textiles that are a safe investment because, they are Operational-fit, Market-fit and Manufacturing-fit.

In this collection, we have taken the BeirTex® technology to the next level by focusing on innovative new qualities. Our ambition is to lead the way and create a textile revolution to simplify and boost business for the rental laundries.

The future begins here – and you can now meet your customers’ needs with astonishingly few qualities! This is vital to the profitability of your laundry, because it means you can use fewer laundering programmes.

Tested and documented benefits

The textiles of the collection are Operational-fit in the demanding, industrial laundering process. Pool-ready qualities with tried-and-tested, documented robustness that ensures an intact pool that lasts throughout the years despite supplementation.

The products are Market-fit and easy to sell. They have been developed to target your customer segments and, by virtue of their designs and the choice of colours, they can stand alone or be incorporated into overall concepts.

At the same time, they are Manufacturing-fit. The laundries themselves can supplement their stocks at short notice because these textiles run continuously on our producers’ looms. Furthermore, Manufacturing-fit products give you, as the laundry, the freedom to buy brand-new patterns based on the same quality as your pool stock whilst still maintaining a good lead time.

Beirholm also makes sure that large-scale operations include customers with individual requirements without jeopardising the economies of scale.

Minimal Textile Qualities with plenty of design options

We embark on the revolution with this collection, with the latest BeirTex® technology richly represented in bed linen, sheets, towelling and table linen. And where just a few textile qualities can be seen in an abundance of design variations.

For more inspiration and information, you can visit Alternatively, we are available for a meeting to discuss your textiles and your business


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Beirholms Vaeverier A/S Nordager 20 6000 Kolding Denmark +45 75524555


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