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  • Via Casarsa 57
  • 33030 Dignano (UD)
  • Italy

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Besser Vacuum is the Italian leader company in manufacturing vacuum packaging machines, a wide range of vacuum bags for packaging and cooking, sous-vide cooking appliances and tools and a range of professional equipment for the sector. Being based in Udine (north-eastern part of Italy) and having been on the market for more than 20 years with the production of vacuum machines, Besser Vacuum can now boast a prestigious know-how that is internationally recognized and rewarded. A family run company where dynamic energy, young enterprise, flexibility, up-to-date technology, endless research & development allowed Besser Vacuum to own an American branch in Mexico, an office in Hong Kong and an agency in both the US and India. This way almost every country of the world is covered by the presence of Besser Vacuum staff, which grants after-sale assistance, support during shows and exhibitions and allows clients to find a local distributor close to their city. Might it be in the US or in South East Asia, in Northern Europe or South Africa, Besser Vacuum can rely on a well-developed network of agents and distributors able to grant total coverage and assistance to each macro-area of the world. The technical department has developed high professionalism and a first-class range of inner components that allowed the company to be awarded with the prestigious certifications of EC and UL. Besser Vacuum preserves and enriches its production with the original sense of family and natural respect for environment, being in constant compliance with environment-friendly policies. An accurate and thoughtful attention is daily put into the production of its machines, which aim at bringing healthy food on every table of the world and to respect environment, by using not-harmful components and focusing on responsible recycle. Besser Vacuum is everyday close to social responsibility, being involved in important and meaningful charity projects. Vacuuming food is essential, especially in those countries whereby poverty is still a main issue among people and waste of raw materials must be avoided. For this intention, Besser Vacuum has joined We World (an Italian NGO) charity programs whereby it helped populations of the south of the world save food and preserve their resources.

Range of services

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Besser Vacuum business activity is focused on the design, production and distribution of professional equipment for food industry, Ho.Re.Ca., meat and packaging sector. The core of Besser Vacuum range concern vacuum technology applied to food and includes a variety of vacuum machines of different size, from the very compact ones for small business up to the biggest double chamber models for large production. In addition, the company is very well know for the production of vacuum bags both for packaging and cooking, with a wide choiche of materials, dimensions and thickness, including also the possibility of customize the product. Important attention is also dedicated to the design and production of "sous vide" equipment and tools for vacuum cooking, with an array of machines and accessories for all kind of exigence, from the beginner to the expert operator.

A goal of Besser Vacuum is the diffusion of vacuum technology worldwide, thanks to collaborations with reputed chefs, prestigious Universities, publications, events, show cookings, etc.

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TABLE-TOP VACUUM CHAMBER MISTRAL is the best seller in HO.RE.CA. sector: it is mainly aimed to...

BESSERVACUUM Via Casarsa 57 33030 Dignano (UD) Italy +39 0432/953097



FREE-STANDING VACUUM CHAMBER TORNADO is the best seller in the food packaging industry: it is...

BESSERVACUUM Via Casarsa 57 33030 Dignano (UD) Italy +39 0432/953097



EXTERNAL SUCTION VACUUM MACHINE MIDI is the best seller in the semi-professional sector: it is...

BESSERVACUUM Via Casarsa 57 33030 Dignano (UD) Italy +39 0432/953097



TRAYSEALER AUTOGAS is the best seller in the supermarkets: it is mainly aimed to preserve and...

BESSERVACUUM Via Casarsa 57 33030 Dignano (UD) Italy +39 0432/953097



Besser Vacuum manufactures a wide range of vacuum bags and rolls for preserving and cooking...

BESSERVACUUM Via Casarsa 57 33030 Dignano (UD) Italy +39 0432/953097

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