Cleaning at height and overhead cleaning

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Product description

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The challenge

The cleaning at height and overhead cleaning of hall ceilings, high bay warehouses or silos places specific requirements on every cleaning team. Whether the work to be carried out relates to interior or exterior cleaning, successful and sustainable cleaning depends on many different factors, such as what material the hall ceiling is made from, what dirt needs to be removed from the high racks or how the façade can be cleaned gently.

The choice of cleaning methods to be used, i.e. dry or wet, swept or foamed, depends on the nature of the objects to be cleaned whose materials and properties must be taken into account. Furthermore, when cleaning at height indoors, the protection of operational equip-ment must be ensured and any operational downtimes must be kept as low as possible.

There is also a great deal to choose from when select-ing the right technical equipment; such equipment may include elevating platforms or climbing equipment, hand brushes or high pressure jet technology. These factors, which are all part of a successful holistic cleaning con-cept, apply to all cleaning at height and overhead clean-ing activities, irrespective of whether they are carried out in relation to production plants, façades or warehouses.

Safety is the top priority for all cleaning at height and overhead cleaning activities. Only premium service pro-viders are able to call on cleaning specialists with addi-tional qualifications as industrial climbers and appropri-ate special climbing equipment. The team will carry out an on-site risk analysis prior to starting any cleaning work. The resulting rescue plan ensures the maximum levels of safety for all team members in the event of an emergency.

What it involves

Safety and efficiency are the key points for any exterior and interior cleaning in areas at height and overhead areas. This all starts with the work tools themselves, such as the elevating platform which is a secure yet flexible workplace form. If these lifting platforms can-not be used, then the cleaning work is then carried out by mobile climbing teams.

The BIRFOOD industrial cleaners are able to clean any building (e.g. silos, façades or solar plants) and at any height by using their special equipment. The proven BIRFOOD cleaning tools, which ensure optimum clean-ing results for all types of dirt, are provided in order for them to carry out their cleaning work.

The challenge

Vertical cleaning is not merely about cleaning buildings in a professional manner using appropriate technical equipment. Cleaning at height and overhead cleaning requires highly trained employees who are also fit - just like BIRFOOD workers who are specially trained to work at heights. Occupational health and safety is particular-ly important for any cleaning at height, and regular med-ical check-ups and mandatory training sessions all help to support BIRFOOD's maxim of "Safety First!"

This is because cleaning at height is a complex chal-lenge for both individuals as well as technology. As an example, façades and glass surfaces are not only cleaned by our BIRFOOD teams in a manner best suited to the material in question. The gentle removal of graffiti and the soaking and preservation of the exterior surfac-es against harmful emissions are also tasks that form part of our portfolio.

For many years, we have relied on the JOS method to clean particularly sensitive surfaces and materials. In order to do this, we blow a mixture of air, water and fine granules at a low pressure against the surface to be cleaned, thus enabling us to remove any stubborn dirt without damaging the materials. This method is envi-ronmentally friendly, it uses less water than conventional methods and is non-toxic.


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