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150 Years of Innovation: Bizerba at the IFFA 2016

Balingen, March 17, 2016 – Automation, individualisation, safety, hygiene, and energy efficiency are the main topics of Bizerba’s presence at this year’s IFFA (Hall 11.1, Booth A11). The company, which will celebrate its 150th anniversary this year, demonstrates software and machines impacting the entire value chain from production to the retail store. In two show kitchens, Bizerba illustrates how meat processing in industrial companies and craft businesses is transformed by the demand for individualised food.

Industry 4.0 becomes more and more important in food production. Using a miniature model presented at the IFFA, Bizerba demonstrates the process steps in meat processing operations that can benefit from new working methods and technologies—from goods delivery and initial weighing to software-based batch identification and tracing to weight control before and after packaging. These processes are increasingly automated. Connected machines also play a pivotal role for packaging, labeling, filling-weight checking and the final inspection for contaminants or faulty seal seams, and their improved communication capabilities lead to better effectiveness, quality and production flexibility.

Self-Analysing Production

To increase the effectiveness of their production flows, companies can evaluate the data of specific process steps in order to draw conclusions about the processing operation. Until now, meat-processing companies could only measure shrinkage or losses when packaging the products. Using the BRAIN2 industrial software, however, it is now possible to analyse the overall equipment effectiveness including performance, quality and availability. In addition, a new software module computes important additional information including the amount of meat processed per employee.

Product individualisation is another aspect in the context of industry 4.0. Although still a vision of the future in daily operation, Bizerba demonstrates this concept as a symbolic scenario at the trade show: Using a smartphone interface, customers can send their food preference to a show kitchen, which will then directly prepare and pack the meal and attach a custom label.

Labels and consumables, which play an important role in industrial companies and craft businesses, are in the center of Bizerba’s booth. The company can produce high-quality labels in small batches or large volumes for industrial use. Products range from specialised papers and films with thermo-reactive materials to linerless labels without carrier material. Since more than 30 years, Bizerba exclusively develops and produces its own laminate. Paper, glue and carrier paper are added in-house.

Transparency Creates Customer Loyalty

In craft businesses, PC scales provide key functionality when it comes to communication. Relevant information is displayed on the customer monitor at the right time. Alternatively, the information can be printed on the labels. Here, the focus is on complying with the EU Food Information Regulation mandating that nutritional information be indicated on pre-packaged food from December, 2016.

All the information needed by butchery companies for weighing and labeling can be centrally controlled using a goods management system. In addition, it is possible to enter information about articles, products, allergens and nutritional value into the industry software and to transfer it to the individual weighing systems. Consumers can also obtain information on the origin of their products or details concerning the correct storage of their food.

Hygiene is the Key to Customer Satisfaction

Apart from incorrect storage and transportation, inadequate hygiene during subsequent processing steps often is the cause of premature spoilage of meat products. The slicers presented by Bizerba at the IFFA for sales counters, preparation rooms and industrial food processing meet the world’s highest hygiene standards.

The Validoline VSC280 slicer, for example, features an easy to clean Ceraclean surface, a single-piece machine casing and a slightly elevated edge. Any liquids will thus flow off through a drainage channel at the stop plate instead of dripping to the counter or the floor. In addition, the machines fully comply with the recent DIN standard for determining the power consumption of slicers. Thanks to the ‘Emotion’ drive technology, they make a sustainable contribution to energy and cost savings in butchery business.

The company also demonstrates slicer systems featuring an integrated checkweigher or a calibrated store scale for counter sales, which be used for manual or automatic slicing and weighing of sausages, meat and other food products in a single step. Operators can exactly hit the intended weight, so that no excess must be taken away, resulting in swifter service with shorter distances.

For industrial food-processing operations, mincers, bone saws and fully automatic slicing solutions for users with a multitude of goods to be sliced and small to medium production volumes will be presented at the show. Bizerba will use the A400 openWorld industrial vertical slicer to demonstrate the implementation of custom line solutions for slicing, packaging and labeling.

Taking a Look Back

At the occasion of this anniversary year, Bizerba will take a look back on the company’s 150-year history at the IFFA. Founded by Andreas Bizer in Balingen in the Swabian Alb in 1866, Bizerba turned from an exclusive scale manufacturer into a global player specializing on weighing, slicing and labeling technology. Bizerba will present the most significant steps of this history around the central value ‘weight’ at its booth.

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