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About Us

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BIZOL is a German engineering company, which operates in more than 70 countries and manufactures innovative and effective solutions such as motor oils, additives and car care. It was founded in 1998 by the passionate physicist Boris Tatievski.

Our engineers have formulated new motor oils for car lovers all over the world. BIZOL’s innovative motor oils not only meet but exceed the standards of the German automotive industry focusing on effectiveness based on the highest standards of quality with 100% consumer transparency and protection.

BIZOL has designed new containers which are ergonomically easy to hold while at the same time are flexible and strong. Our new labels ensure the originality of our products and the caps of our motor oil containers are sealed with heat induction foils for easy and safe opening. The motor oil containers are B-shaped to symbolize BIZOL.

BIZOL exemplifies a company using an effective business model serving partners with 100% support from its headquarters in Berlin, Germany.


To assure car lovers they have made the right choice by creating effective solutions with German innovation, quality and reliability.  We treat and educate all people as a family.


Red Dot Design Award 2014 - Category: Communication Design

IAIR Award 2014 as Best Company for Innovation and Leadership

iF Design Award 2015 in the Category for Best Packaging

AIA Award 2014 as best packaging for import cars or trucks

Range of services

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BIZOL launches new services aimed at helping Business Partners find more customers.

At Automechanika Frankfurt BIZOL will present a range of new services aimed at helping our business partners in more than 70 countries to find more customers and increase sales. Three new web services will be offered:  a new website, webshop and marketing services portal will all be presented to business partners during the show.  In addition, the new Repair Shop design will be demonstrated at the BIZOL booth.

Three new motor oils are launched at the Automechanika Frankfurt 2016


Effective for start-stop systems and hybrid vehicles

BIZOL Green Oil Plus 5W-20

Our German engineers have developed a customized top-tier synthetic motor oil with an effective formulation for optimal engine protection in urban traffic when most engine wear occurs because of frequent start-stops, rapid acceleration and short-haul trips. This formulation provides an extra layer of protection for turbocharged and supercharged gasoline and diesel engines equipped with DPF and TWC systems and automatic start-stop systems.


Effective for Gas powered engines

BIZOL Technology Gas 10W-40

We have developed the first top-tier HC-synthetic motor oil created which perfectly services any engine using gas as fuel.  Only Technology Gas is optimized for both dedicated and the converted-to-gas engines, to be used in both passenger cars and trucks, with CNG and LPG gas, making this oil so unique.


Effective for the latest VW and Audi engines

BIZOL Technology 0W-20 509

We are among the first German manufacturers to launch a fully synthetic new motor oil for 2 VW and Audi engines: Type 2.0 TFSI 140 KW and 3.0 TDI CR 160 KW.  This motor oil optimizes fuel efficiency and reduces engine wear.


BIZOL Green Oil 5W-40

BIZOL Green Oil 5W-40 is a unique motor oil of the latest generation based on HC-Synthesis. Through...

BIZOL Martin-Buber-Str. 12 14163 Berlin Germany +49 30/8048690


BIZOL Technology 5W-30 507

BIZOL Technology 5W-30 507 is a modern high-performance, long-life motor oil with reduced ash...

BIZOL Martin-Buber-Str. 12 14163 Berlin Germany +49 30/8048690


BIZOL Protect 0W-40

BIZOL Protect 0W-40 is a highly modern fully synthetic, low-friction motor oil for year-round use....

BIZOL Martin-Buber-Str. 12 14163 Berlin Germany +49 30/8048690


BIZOL Allround 5W-30

BIZOL Allround 5W-30 is a modern low-friction motor oil of the highest quality suitable for...

BIZOL Martin-Buber-Str. 12 14163 Berlin Germany +49 30/8048690


BIZOL AC Clean+ c30

BIZOL AC Clean+ c30 is an effective foam to clean the home and vehicle air conditioning systems. The...

BIZOL Martin-Buber-Str. 12 14163 Berlin Germany +49 30/8048690

Exhibitor at the following trade fair

Automechanika 2016

13.09.2016 - 17.09.2016 Hall: 9.1 Stand: C 64

13.09.2016 - 17.09.2016 Hall: 2.0 Stand: A 87