Augmented reality

Product description

Blachere Illumination offers you an exclusive augmented Reality, available on a selection of compatible RA sets from 2018!


The concept is simple:

After using their telephone to scan the target near to the dedicated set, visitors can access the RA application where they can see virtual animations on the screen which interact with Father Christmas and a light-up teddy bear. They can play with the characters, and take photos of the children who become participants in these animations! In this way, reality is augmented and a magical and fantastic world is superimposed on a light display that attracts visitors.


The application is customised with the image of the Town, The shared photos are marked with its logo,

a free and worldwide communication, showcasing the illuminations and the image of a modern and connected town.

Let your fellow citizens enjoy a unique, fun, connected and sensory experience: the greatest Christmas present.

Contact details

Blachere Illumination S.A.S.

Les Bourguignons 315 Av. des Argiles
84400 Apt


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