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More than a decade of experience in the production, development, marketing and sales of glass fibres and VERTEX company ownership and market strategy changes in the end of 1998 were the impulses which led Mr. Jiri Votroubek to the idea of foundation a production company with a plan to serve limited number of European producers of thermal insulation materials.

The company BOHEMIA TEX-HOUSE, s.r.o. developed from this idea and was, with help of two foreign private investors, founded 23rd March 1999. Textured, twisted and plied fibreglass material production begun the same year.

The complete takeover of Flexitallic’s Czech braiding, knitting and weaving activities in September 2001 made it possible for us to provide the market with a wide range of high quality technical textile products. Ex Flexitallic Czech production plant was renamed to BOHEMIA TECHNICAL TEXTILES, s.r.o. and was further developed as our daughter company.

In addition to this, since January 2006, the company has been participating in a joint venture project, the company VALE-BOHEMIA, s.r.o., where a production of noise reduction and thermal insulation material for car exhaust systems, such as silencers and mufflers, are made. Since 2009, the company step by step built production capacities have been consuming yearly basis 2.000 tons of fibreglass materials.

A group of highly qualified members of staff proofed its technical potentials and developed new technical ideas, existing textile machinery innovations and development projects on fibreglass colouring and high temperature coating. In July 2010, the company announced merger with its daughter company BOHEMIA TECHNICAL TEXTILES, s.r.o., which was effected as of 4th January 2011.

In the beginning of 2011, the two original foreign company shareholders decided to sell their shares. Since 5th February 2011, the company has been one hundred percent belonging to the Czech owner, the company remaining original founder, Mr. Jiri Votroubek. Since the same time the company has been using the name BOHEMIATEX, s.r.o..

BOHEMIATEX, s.r.o. is one hundred percent Czech owned company with a long experience in the production of fibreglass materials. The company texturing, twisting, plying, assembling, spiral winding, braiding, knitting, weaving and carding production capacities have been consuming yearly basis more than 2.000 tons of fibreglass materials. Extensive product range is widely used in the thermal and acoustic insulation field. Many products are used as plastics reinforcement in automotive and building industry. Approximately one hundred workers care about consistent high quality level. A group of highly qualified members of staff provides worldwide service to the large number of the company customers. Innovative thinking and new technical solutions development that is, where the company strength lies.


Glass products

Textured Glass Yarn is manufactured from high performance 9 micron E-glass filaments. These yarns...

BOHEMIATEX, s.r.o. Smetanovo Namesti 58 57001 Litomysl Czech Republic +420 461/544333

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