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  • Belgium


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Herenthal offers a selective range of genuine high-quality kitchenware. By thoroughly examining the product materials and actively seeking out the most convenient solutions, we are able to present you precisely selected high-end solutions.

We are dedicated to bring the real cooking experience into your kitchen, by emphasizing the power of pure ingredients and pure senses. Our approach is product-centered, based on simple and honest products. No overload of techniques, no invented technologies, no overselling, no drivel. Each of our products are straightforward solutions, causing a carefree and delightful cooking experience, making your everyday life a little lighter. With Herenthal, you get what you need quickly and efficiently, every single time.

We are convinced by the strength of our products, therefore we choose for a minimalistic design. No overcommunication, no noise. Pureness and simplicity are the leading principles through our brand design and brand identity. With our pure, timeless and simple design, Herenthal is

offering you honest and easy solutions, making life a little less complicated.

Range of services

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A value proposition is a promise from the brand to deliver added value to its customers. This added value will be communicated by the brand and is being recognized by its users. It is also a conviction about how customers experience the brand and the added value it brings them. The value proposition is an important part of the brand strategy. A value proposition can be either applied on the whole company, or on certain parts of it. According to Kaplan and Norton, “Strategy is based on a differentiated customer value proposition. Satisfying customers is the source of sustainable value creation.”


  • Herenthal products are accessible and available in the better supermarket

  • Herenthal offers a selective assortment of high-quality products

  • Herenthal emanates confidence

  • Herenthal products offer convenient & uncomplicated kitchen solutions

  • Herenthal products are specifically designed to have an optimal cooking experience

  • Herenthal is an A-brand with premium looks

  • Herenthal offers customers a unique & carefree cooking experience



The discriminators of a brand are rational arguments for choosing for that particular brand, instead of competing brands. It bundles short and to the point reasons that customers use to justify their choice for the brand.


  • Convenient & simple kitchen solutions

  • Offers a select assortment

  • Has a professional and qualitative appearance

  • Is an A-brand

  • Is refreshing the kitchenware market

  • Has a unique brand design

  • Is an international brand

  • Has a product-centered approach

  • Has a high quality/high value

  • Is pure and genuine

  • Does not oversell

  • Has a no noise strategy



The benefits represent something more internal, with a focus on the brand itself. Benefits identify the benefits of the brand on an emotional level, from the viewpoint of the consumer.


  • The simplicity of the Herenthal products leaves the focus of cooking on purity of ingredients and senses

  • Using Herenthal induces a pure cooking experience

  • I can identify myself with Herenthal, since the brand corresponds my own values and lifestyle

  • Herenthal matches my busy lifestyle, while their convenient products are time saving and practical ways to prepare meals

  • Herenthal’s timeless, pure and simple design is in perfect harmony with the style of my new kitchen

  • I like the minimalistic approach of Herenthal, it suits my lifestyle

  • I like the way it looks

  • I love the way it works




Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker with Atomatic Lid

B.S.D TRADE BVBA Heiveldekens 9, Unit i 2550 Kontich Belgium +32 3 888 06 88 nicolas@bsdtrade.be

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Ambiente 2018

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