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Track and surface mounted floodlights with passive and active cooling of different powers for direct illumination. Simple design and easy mounting and maintenance will make them the best solution for museum, gallery and retail spaces, efficient both in energy consumption and the level of illumination provided.

Track/ surface mouted spotlight with passive cooling, intended for illumination of museums, galleries and other spaces with highest lighting requirements.

Precise positioning of light beam is enabled by rotation upon two axes.

Easily replaceable optics, with a vast choice of light intensity, colour reproduction and temperatures of white light, as well as wideness of light beam, enable precise definition of lighting scenarios, with maximal adaptability to the type of the interior and projects illuminated.

The changeability of LED modules and optics is tool free.

Lighting management enabeled through DALI gear.

Compact unibody made of die-cast aluminium. The surface of this luminaire is conceived as a large cooler and enables cooling without fans, providing uniform heat dissipation. Finish of luminaire is polyester powder coating polymerised at 180°C. Fine structured texture.

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