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The Busatti Story began on the border of Tuscany and Umbria, midway between Rome and Florence. This region, the geographic center of the Italian Renaissance, birthplace of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael and Piero della Francesca, is imbued with a sensitivity to beauty and commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship of all kinds.

In 1796, at the Castle of Anghiari, a textile factory specialized in weaving cloth for french Army troops which were settled along the Tiber River. Over time, the focus shifted from meeting the needs of the military to meeting those of the local people until, in 1808, it had transformed itself from serving soldiers to serving neighbours. Although not the original owners of this factory, the Busattis have lived in this region since 1790 and it was their talent and commitment to excellence that has kept this same textile factory in operation.

From their earliest beginnings as successful merchants, the Busatti family gradually shifted their business interests from operating an emporium that traded in general goods, to becoming expert tailors and, finally, in the mid-1800s, to specializing in home linens. It was Giuseppe Busatti, great-grandfather of the present owners, who created a network of home weavers in the Tiber Valley. He built hundreds of hand-looms, bought the finest linens and cottons, and insisted on exacting craftsmanship for all products that bear the Busatti name.

Today, his family carries on the tradition begun by Giuseppe. The Busatti workshop is not simply a factory, but it is more correctly thought of a place where “artigiani” – artisans – exercise their craft with pride, skill and passion that comes from centuries of experience. The raw thread is treated with olive oil before being spun . Linen and cot-ton are dyed on the thread and not on the reel or on the weaven fabric, using only Busatti’s colours. Some of the colour sources are “guado”, “henna”, onions, sage and carrots. Ancient carding machines work the wool of the Apenines. Shuttle looms insert weft-threads, giving fabrics that special softness that is so often lost today. Special attention is always paid to finishing the pieces and embroidery is still done by hand.

In the past fifteen years the company has grown to meet increasing demand, first in Italy , then in Europe and, now in the United States. Throughout this expansion they have remained true to their pledge to honour their origins and their history of quality. Although the Busatti family has run this business for 170 years, they consider themselves keepers of an even longer tradition – the art of weaving has had a home in Anghiari for centuries, They are handing down this love of creating fine fabrics to their children, They are constantly aware that they carry the spirit of the Renaissance in all that they produce.


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