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Buzzi & Buzzi was founded in 1990 in Pozzo d’Adda - a little municipality in the province of Milan - by Pietro Buzzi and Marialuisa Chiari, two successful professionals who decided to cultivate and explain the insights and knowledge they had gained from years of experience in the lighting sector. Since the early years, the company has relied on the contribution of renowned architects, thus recognizing the importance of design differentiation in the field. Technology and design come together to create new concepts of light: the result is objects which are genuinely different, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from the functional and technical one. This is the perfect symbiosis and the key element of all Buzzi & Buzzi products, which show how research has developed in recent years in several directions: innovative materials and lighting technology.

Buzzi & Buzzi has established itself as a company known both nationally and internationally. Due to its alertness towards current requests and modern trends, the company has specialized in proposing total recessed lighting products, while making the most of the Coral®’s technical performance. The company has distinguished itself over the years through an ethical commitment based on its sincere respect for the environment. This is reflected not only in the use of Coral®, which goes beyond the concept of zero impact and also plays an active role in improving the environment in the space where it is installed, but also through the choice of light sources which are mainly energy-saving and LED light bulbs used extensively in Buzzi & Buzzi products. Research is continuing its innovation process by studying the materials carefully and continuously enhancing the quality and service, a brand 100% made in Italy regarding design and manufacturing, quality assurance and safety. A brand which makes itself distinguishable for many and important aspects.

Moreover, Buzzi & Buzzi is a company which guarantees a constant attention towards its customers and its employees, through the research of a material that links production with benefits for both of them. Buzzi & Buzzi really cares about them, which are two of the most important elements that make the company successful at national and international level.

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Buzzi & Buzziis a leading lightning company in Italy, also known at national and international level. Its production has always been based on avant-garde design and latest technology; indeed, the products signed by the company are realized referring to the deepest and most accurate technological research.


Buzzi & Buzzi pays a particular attention to the deepened research dedicated to the materials used for all its luminaires. They are specifically devised in order to guarantee the best performance. The first innovative material which was created is Coral®, an extremely resistant material which, since 1996, has given new and specific characteristics to the products. Through the years, Buzzi & Buzzi’s research has led to the creation of AirCoral®, a material that adds to Coral®’s technical features an antibacterial and catalytic action with air cleaning capacity. Instead, DurCoral® and Coral Water Out® are characterized by high resistance and waterproofness, as they are designed for outdoor and moist areas.


The exclusive Buzzi & Buzzi’s materials mentioned above are used to create the three parts of the Main Collection: Recessed, Surface and Outdoor.

The Surface collection creates a perfect rendez-vous of design and light, where all the products can be installed both on walls and ceilings. Pure and silky Coral®’s effect matches perfectly the shape and the design of the luminaires.

The Recessed and semi-recessed lighting collection is able to merge any product to the surface, achieving a total disappearance. The invisibility of the luminaire is an added value, while the light becomes the real leading actor: it turns the ceiling to an architectural space.

The semi-recessed lightings emerge with delicacy and elegance from surfaces, balancing design and technology.

The Outdoor collection, instead, was studied for outdoor environments: its constructive materials, DurCoral® and Coral Water Out® with a high IP level, can resist to external agents, saltiness and also be decorated with paintings. The products of this collection can disappear in the outdoor world too.

Buzzi & Buzzi offers also two special lines. The Basic Line is conceived especially to satisfy particular planning demands, it is focused on both design and optimization of the productive processes. The Iron Line, instead, is a new range of products with elegantly highlighted mechanic elements, made in order to suit hi-tech projects.



Genius is a total recessed luminaire with a light hole of just 20mm. Cropped inside the ceiling and...

Buzzi & Buzzi S.r.l. via Milano 17 20060 Pozzo d`Adda (MI) Italy +39 029094942



Rhino is a Buzzi & Buzzi product from basic line. Rhino, an indoor totally disappearing recessed...

Buzzi & Buzzi S.r.l. via Milano 17 20060 Pozzo d`Adda (MI) Italy +39 029094942



LEAF is a Buzzi & Buzzi product from recessed line. The light of Leaf, an indoor semi recessed...

Buzzi & Buzzi S.r.l. via Milano 17 20060 Pozzo d`Adda (MI) Italy +39 029094942



X1 is a Buzzi & Buzzi product from iron line. It is for ceiling or wall installation, it produce...

Buzzi & Buzzi S.r.l. via Milano 17 20060 Pozzo d`Adda (MI) Italy +39 029094942



Yin is a Buzzi & Buzzi product from recessed line. A bi-emission indoor lamp of AirCoral®...

Buzzi & Buzzi S.r.l. via Milano 17 20060 Pozzo d`Adda (MI) Italy +39 029094942

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