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  • Germany

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About Us

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The family business C.A.Goetz jr. has a long tradition in production and trading classical orchestral instruments. The company is now managed by the fourth family generation.

The company started its business in 1884 with the very first order on handmade violin pegs.

Since then, the product range had contineously been expanded. The company's own "Götz" brand stands today, just as 130 years ago, for premium quality and is highly estimated among international experts. Only selected products, which meet our high expectations, carry our seal of quality.

Range of services

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Our violin series are diligently designed instruments for specific purposes. From varnish to fitting, strings, case: everything is designed to fit the specific needs of artist requirements. We designed a program that is capbale of meeting these requiremenst. From wood selection, to body craftsmanship, varnish, strings, chinrest, pegs, bridge, tailpiece, and fine-tuner everything is modeled around a purpose.

Our program consists of 7 violin series:


  • CANTONATE: Versatile Pefection

  • GOLDEN STATE: Classic Deign meets Zeitgeist

  • METROPOL: Urban-Modern Classic Desgin

  • CONTEMPORARY: Post-Modern Design in Music

  • AGAPE: Profiled Tone and Robust Craftsmanship

  • AUDITION: Focus on the Music-Performance

  • MENUETT: First Steps to Perfection


Every Violin Series is being delivered in different quality grades. You can practically choose your design and requirement and then decide on the amount of time spend on wood and the making of the violin body. A higher quality is always defined by the type of wood used for the violin body. Better selection, the search of flawless growth structure and tonal perfection is one of the most difficult tasks. The time spend to make the violin body is the second important determinant of the quality. The top and bottom graduation, the ribs, the neck, the scroll and the overall topography of the violin body range from perfect by technical standards to perfect in personal dedicated craftsmanship.

In addition to our violin series we also offer a wide range of accessories for stringed instruments. Our selected products include chinrests and tailpieces.

Since 1884 the Conrad Götz brand stands for outstanding quality. We choose all our products with care.

All Conrad Götz products are manually checked before being shipped to our customers.To your taste, you can choose between the types of wood:


  • Deep-black Ebony

  • Rosewood with reddish-grain

  • Light-brown Boxwood


Our chinrests and tailpieces, which are signed with NAT are untreated and natural. Thus it may happen, that the color is slightly different from another product. In final handwork, our chinrests get original Götz-Screws and a white Götz-Signet, which stands for certified wood origin.

Next to the Accessories there are a lot of LAPELLA toiletries for your Violin. Next to the Rosin and Peg-Soap, we also offer Intense Fingerboard Recovery Oil and Cleaning Wipes.

By using natural ingredient, all LAPELLA Product aimed in best quality. Choose your product for the best care of your violin.


Violin-serie GOLDEN STATE

Classic Design meets Zeitgeist! The GOLDEN STATE Violin-series impresses with the best German...

C.A. Götz jr. GmbH Landwüster Str. 17 08258 Wernitzgrün Germany +49 37422/588-0 Contact@CAGoetzjr.com

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