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  • 4 Matos Segedin
  • 3490 Cambridge
  • New Zealand


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About Us

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Carne Technologies is an independent research and technology development Company. We provide innovative hardware and technical support for the following areas:


  • Humane stunning & slaughter

  • Carcass immobilisation

  • Carcass stimulation

  • Real-time on-line quality measurement tools

  • Quality management systems & support.

  • Analysis of meat and meat products.

  • Microbial testing of meat and meat products

  • Process audits for quality assurance and safety programmes. 


The Company has a well equipped testing laboratory and electronics and engineering facilitities. These are supported by capability in the area of meat science, meat microbiology, engineering and electronics design, software development and mathematical modelling. We develop and commercialise products under our own brand, while also providing research facilities and technical support for external Companies. 

Range of services

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Manufacture and sales of electronic processing aids:


  • Electrical stunning systems

  • Carcass immobilisation systems

  • Accelerated bleeding systems

  • Electrical stimulation systems: SureStim, medium voltage stimulation.


We also develop and manufacture measurement technologies for use in boning rooms and laboratories. These include:


  • An innovative online meat tenderness measurement technology for use during boning. 

  • A compact shear force measurement device, with automated data downloads and handling, for use in commercial laboratories.


Consultancy services in the areas of:


  • carcass processing design and optimisation

  • design, implementation and support of quality management systems

  • Analysis and interpretation of commercial data

  • Routine meat quality and microbiological analysis of meat and meat products

  • Solving meat quality problems arising from carcass processing or central cutting and packaging operations

  • Identifying and resolving food spoilage problems

  • HACCP plans and support



Stun monitor & logger

Effective pre-slaughter electrical stunning of livestock depends on delivering appropriate current...

Carne Technologies 4 Matos Segedin 3490 Cambridge New Zealand +64 78270731


Stimulation monitor & logger

Electrical stimulation of carcasses is a critical processing aid to manage the quality of meat. ...

Carne Technologies 4 Matos Segedin 3490 Cambridge New Zealand +64 78270731



Electrical stimulation of carcasses after slaughter is used primarily to accelerate the...

Carne Technologies 4 Matos Segedin 3490 Cambridge New Zealand +64 78270731

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