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Innovation, exclusivity and sustainability are just some of the qualities that make Certa Cerâmica a reference in the world market in its segment. Permanent investments in new technology and products development, with an eye on the future, result in unique products of incomparable value.

In the market since 1956, the company has built a solid experience. Its products help to advertise world renowned brands through differentiated and exclusive products, reaching all regions of Brazil and many countries in all continents.

 Investments in research and the training of employees together with the desire to innovate led to truly original products in their concept, beauty and technology. The mastery of ceramic processes and creativity resulted in the only ultra thermal shock resistant ceramic in the world.

With the Ceraflame and MondoCeram brand names Certa Cerâmica offers ceramic products that bring health, flavor and beauty to your home, because daily moments deserve to become special to enhance style and the healthy pleasure of living.

The founders of the company came to Santa Catarina in the early 1950's, when the company started its operations. The production of ceramic articles was on a small scale, but the main features of the company were already evident: superb craftsmanship, the constant search for new technologies and the guaranteed quality of its products.

A new phase began in 1998 when new brands and products were introduced. The concern with the demanding market, with sustainable practices and innovation, resulted in the modernization of the company. The tradition of blending art with quality has remained a constant and is the basis for this history of success.

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The most significant achievement was the launching of the Ceraflame brand, a one of a kind ceramic in the world. Unlike conventional ceramics, it is highly resistant to thermal shocks and can be used directly over an open flame. Its development and production are proof of the company's talent in creating exclusive and original products.

The mastering of ceramics technology led to the Ceraflame line of casseroles, baking pans and ovenware. It took 30 years of research to develop the only refractory ceramic in the world highly resistant to thermal shocks, products with unparalleled features and benefits.

Versatility, functionality and quality define the Ceraflame line. The health-related aspects of the products are certified by domestic and international Laboratories, that guarantee total absence of food contamination by metal debris.

Easy to use, the Ceraflame line is highly resistant to thermal shocks. It can be taken directly to the gas or electric stove, to the microwave or traditional oven, to the refrigerator and dishwasher. As the refractory ceramic maintains the temperature for a longer period of time, the pot can be removed earlier from the fire, saving gas and electricity and the dish will remain hot until being served at the table.

Ceraflame is highly functional. Being non-porous, its surface is completely smooth for easy cleaning, preventing the proliferation of bacteria and still providing a sophisticated design and modern colors.


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