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Ahura has been operating in the ceramics market for over 40 years and is specialised in the creation of unique and precious crafted objects. It produces and distributes Ahura-branded products in over 70 countries throughout the world and has conquered a large segment of the Italian-style market. Its experience and the correct combination of magical natural elements. such as water, earth, air and fire, are the secret to creating unique and sophisticated crafted artistic products.

The family passion for ceramics dates back to the early fifties with mr. guerrino and mrs. antonietta zanardello. ahura was established in the seventies by ezio and flavia zanardello. the name, ahura, a word deriving from ancient persia (ahura mazda is the god of knowledge), reveals the desire of the founders to create precious luxury products. this philosophy lies at the heart of the success of ahura. towards the end of the seventies, ahura revolutionised the image of traditional ceramics, based on the expression of the nova and bassano schools, modernising it by reinterpreting shapes, lines, materials and processes. the modernity of ceramics is reality with strongly stylised models, decorated with gold and platinum over large areas. the asymmetric shapes, revaluation and new expressions of the classics are the transformations that ahura expressed during the eighties, setting trends in the world. ahura has reached levels of quality and perfection that by now have become a benchmark for the entire sector.

One of the prestigious brands purchased by ahura during the nineties is the ronzan brand. this historical brand was one of the most renowned brands of ceramic models in the early twentieth century which were also published in leading antiques magazines.

In 2000, after learning and inheriting the love of art, tradition, care over detail and desire for innovation, the children (Luca and Cinzia zanardello) entered the company with executive tasks. the ahura team became even more successful with the experience of the parents. more incredible collections were created and decorated with crystal, steel, silk, leather, swarovsky crystal, the purest innovative enamels and new precious metals.

The inexhaustible creative resources and unstoppable growth reconfirmed ahura as a leader in the sector.


Range of services

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Since 2009, the company has been extremely successful on foreign markets leading it to move to a new 5000 m2 factory and create a team specialised in all sectors which currently numbers over 50 people. the experience, craftsmanship, passion and artistic spirit have been handed down to the third generation. 

The success of ahura during its long lifetime derives from the excellent quality of the selected materials, the special production processes and the procedures invented and patented by the company.

Over the years, the collections have been updated with modern trends and today the prevalence of luxury furnishing elements is evident. ahura is also at the cutting edge because it is the only company capable of producing perfectly decorated ceramics with 24 kt pure gold, platinum and original swarovski crystal.

With the artistic ceramic and porcelain art you can create works of great workmanship and valuable products such as ceramic statues, porcelain animals, vases, clocks, lamps, chandeliers, etc ... works that can be given away as a present or used to renovate a room, with the pottery you can make products with modern, classic, or even baroque style, the ideas are many.

Ahura has a wide range of products ranging from classic style to modern design, you can find the perfect gift ideas or the perfect solution to finish your new project in order to renovate the house or the office, there are many products that can be placed in a modern and sophisticated environment, such as classic mirrors but finished with pure white glaze, a great mix of classic and modern.

Ceramics and porcelain are two very different materials that bring with them the pros and cons of both worlds, essentially the porcelain has become a synthetic product as raw material is strongly worked to obtain a product that is always the same, while the ceramic is a much more natural product which melts usually 3 or more basic clays to obtain the homogeneous mixtures, the porcelain has a very fine grain size for which you can realize very detailed works while the ceramic has a thicker grain size for which is much more difficult to achieve high quality level of the details and often the works are coarser.



Lamps, Chandeliers, Wall and Floor lamps, renew the atmosphere of a room or a prestigious project,...

AHURA S.R.L. Via dell'Artigianato 6 36050 Cartigliano (VI) Italy +39 0424590106 fiere@ahura.it



The Ahura coordinated collections are an inviting and exclusive proposal that combines in one set...

AHURA S.R.L. Via dell'Artigianato 6 36050 Cartigliano (VI) Italy +39 0424590106 fiere@ahura.it


Home Fragrances

PONENTE: A soft summer breeze with the scent of roses, lavender, and drops of amber. The balancing...

AHURA S.R.L. Via dell'Artigianato 6 36050 Cartigliano (VI) Italy +39 0424590106 fiere@ahura.it


Gift and Home accessories

I am looking for something prestigious for a present, i am looking for an original gift, i am...

AHURA S.R.L. Via dell'Artigianato 6 36050 Cartigliano (VI) Italy +39 0424590106 fiere@ahura.it

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