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Born in Bassano in 1940, Bruno Costenaro began learning the secrets of ceramics at the age of thirteen, working at companies in Marostica and Cassola. At twenty years old, he set out on his own, first with two partners in the city of Vallonara, then independently in the city of Pianezze.

Over the years work increased and the business moved to Molvena. In the beginning, the production took place in the basement of his new residence; then, after many sacrifices, he built a workshop adjacent to his home, where he still works today.

The strength of the business was remarkable, thanks to the level of creativity, innovation, their interest in exporting, and the company's ability to overcome the crisis in this business sector, giving work, in the space of these years, to approximately seventy collaborators, of whom Mr. Costenaro taught the trade: amongst them, his children who continue the business.

On March 26, 2000, Bruno Costenaro was awarded with the honorary title of Master Craftsman of the Province of Vicenza; in tribute to the exemplary manner he has conducted himself both personally and professionally, distinguishing himself for his dedication to work and for his generosity to pass on the techniques and values to the following generations. Until now, the Ceramiche Bruno Costenaro company has had the advantage of being one of the most prestigious factories of ceramics in the area, always looking to the future, conducting research to the satisfaction of his customers, furnishing them with high quality artistic products.

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Every item labled "B.C.", Ceramiche Bruno Costenaro, is meticulously produced inside our company following all the steps necessary to obtain a perfect product, moulded and finished with a high level of quality. Every item is modeled following the instructions personally dictated by Bruno Costenaro according to his taste, and reflecting that of his customers and market trends. Once the first model is made, moulds are made to produce the final products.personally dictated by Bruno Costenaro according to his taste, and reflecting that of his customers and market trends. Once the first model is made, moulds are made to produce the final products.

The piece of ceramic that comes from the mould is then finished by hand. After that, it is fired at 1000 degrees to obtain the greenware. The piece is then varnished by the "a bagno" (dipping) method, according to the colors selected by the customer (for instance: white, black, rubino red, cobalt blue, emerald green), and is then fired at 1020 degrees. At this temperature, the varnish makes each object resistant and lucid. At the end, each piece is entirely finished by hand, thanks to the capability of our decorators,who achieve refined details in gold and platinum. Fired at 600\700 degrees, one obtains the final product, delicate in its craftsmanship, and carefully finished in every detail. Once polished, each piece is labeled and then a certificate of quality from the factory is put inside a small packed. The items are packed in carton boxes by a modern packing machine that create soft pillows wrapping up the delicate articles. Thanking this modern way of packing we have never had any problem of broken merchandise or ruined pieces. However all the carton boxes are included in a euro palette (80 cm breath x 120 cm depth), so that the goods is more safe and there aren't any problem of missing items. Upon arrival, the customer can attest to the quality of the product received, because he\she acquired the item from Ceramiche Bruno Costenaro. Our production has developed to include: gift items, complete series made up of centerpieces, centrepieces, baskets, vases, picture frames, ashtrays, plates, lamps, columns, cachepot, mirrors, panels, candle-holders, clocks, tables and swans.

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