Cetex Institut für Textil- und Verarbeitungsmaschinen gemeinnützige GmbH

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  • Altchemnitzer Str. 11
  • 09120 Chemnitz
  • Germany

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About Us

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Brief introduction

Cetex is the research institute in Germany for new technologies and machines for manufacturing technical textiles, textile-based semi-finished products, functional components and high-performance structures.

It was founded as the central R&D centre for the East German Textima state combine in 1957, but the Cetex Institute has developed into a source of ideas and highly productive partner for applied research for all its customers in the textile and process engineering fields since it was established on a new footing in 1990. Its activities and the major focus of its work have increasingly switched from its original emphasis on conventional textile engineering to machines for technical textiles and non-textile applications.

Its work centres on developing processes and materials for endless fibre-reinforced semi-finished products and complex preforms and even constructing the machines to produce these. The research projects are completely worked on by the institute itself, from the idea to the concept and even constructing the protoype. The design and the testing of technologies for major production runs for multi-functional lightweight applications form an important part of this work.

The way has been paved for this by making Cetex an affiliated institute of Chemnitz University of Technology.

Affiliated institute

The powerful dovetailing of the knowledge gained in pure research at Chemnitz University of Technology and the applied research at the Cetex Institute are providing important stimuli for new processes and equipment. The cooperation is particularly close with the Department of Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology (SLK) in the field of fibre/polymer composites for large-scale production purposes. The expertise at the two facilities permits synergy effects in research, teaching and when developing tailor-made components in line with the motto: “the right material at the right time in the right quantity at the right place” – in short: “affordable lightweight construction”.

The Cetex Institute is the research partner for companies in the field of textile and process engineering as well as for their users, for the textile industry and suppliers of the vehicle construction industry. The activities in the field of lightweight construction aim to mechanical engineering and vehicle manufacturing with a focus on automobile manufacturing. The customers and partners come from Saxony, Germany and Europe.

Range of services

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The range of services of the institute comprises:


  • Application-oriented research / basic research in the field of textile machines and related processing machines

  • Contract research and development

  • Design

  • Drive and control technology

  • Material testing and metrological investigations

  • Machine dynamics

  • Mechanical production and electrical installation

  • Construction and testing of special machines, prototypes and test facilities


Expertise that pays off for our customers


  • Many years of experience in textile and processing machine construction

  • Modern technology for design, prototype construction and testing work

  • Synergies in design, technology and general interdisciplinary areas

  • Handling projects from the original idea to the concept and even constructing the prototype or special machine


Cetex has particular knowledge and experience in the fields of:


  • Textile machine engineering

  • Process engineering

  • Special machine construction

  • Transport and handling systems

  • Textile product development for technical applications

  • Material development for fibre composite applications


Current projects:


Processes and machines to produce


  • Textile fabrics made of high-performance fibres

  • Unidirectional and multi-directional fibre-reinforced multi-layer composites and structures

  • New kinds of thermoplastic prepregs: Ce-Preg®

  • Tailored organic sheets

  • Bionic fibre-reinforced structures for the high-performance field (MAG-KV)

  • Near net shape preforms

  • Functional 3D textiles with adapted properties

  • Composite preforms reinforced by sewing

  • Geotextiles

  • Natural and chemical fibre yarns



Ce-Preg® - Thermoplastic prepregs

High-performance structural parts for automotive industry, machine building and plant construction...

Cetex Institut für Textil- und Verarbeitungsmaschinen gemeinnützige GmbH Altchemnitzer Str. 11 09120 Chemnitz Germany +49 371/5277-0 fue@cetex.de

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