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Train, bus and commercial vehicle air conditioning  recycling stations Also for other refrigerants like R404A  Newest genereation of refrigeration and air conditioning service.  Fully automatic service of: recovery, oil drain, nitrogen pressure test, vacuuming, vacuum pressure test, oil- UV charging refrigerant charging available for other safety refrigerants like R404a, simply initiate internal cleaning. Oil and UV charging goes over small scale. Include heat gas injection during recovery to reduce an frozen tube on A/C. With the 8" Touch screen Monitor and the internal Windows PC every service will be record.     Each service is stored for an installation, you can scan the A / C system  with an optional scanner and immediately see when and which service you have made in the past. - Database with bus / truck  - With fully automatic pressure test over Nitrogen or test gas with protocol (10 litre bottle fits into the unit)  - Pressure recording.  - Fastest charging unit in its class (120Kg / h) ( A Bus with 10kg of refrigerant requires about 5 minutes to fill.)  - Extremely strong dry-running compressor with 1PS and can both liquid and vapour recovery. Herewith we offer one of the fastest devices for suction and filling an A/C system.  - During Recovery, hot Refrigerant Gas will be injected back to the A/C System. This stops frozen tubes during recovery and makes recovery much faster. - Refrigerant tank (40 litres 30Kg) can remove and replace quickly should you change the refrigerant. - All service points are done quickly and easily.  - Electronic scale heavily load 100Kg.  - Touch screen monitor 8" (optional 10"), internal Win XP computer - Operation only with 4key (+ - and confirm back)  - 10L Nitrogen or other test gas bottle can be placed into the machine.

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Technical Specifications : 1. Recovery : 30kg / h (measured value at 20 ° C at a bus air conditioning. Ideal value of 97kg / h . ) With hot gas injection during recovery (only AR700 AR690) 2. Gas charge : 120kg / h (measured value at 20 ° C at a bus air conditioning . ) 3. High power vacuum pump : Free Air Displacement 180 L/min  (Optional 280 L/min possible)     High performance vacuum pump designed for continuous operation. Important for a vacuumpump is less the Capacity of the pump. But more important is, if double stage and how fast it be in a very deep vacuum.     With our vacuumpumps you can reach a vacuum of 0.02 mbar.     Our pumps are therefore especially designed for dehumidification of large air conditioners. 5. Recyclingtank : 40 l / 30kg of Refrigerant TÜV approved. 6. Electronic scale with high capacity : 100 kg ( very important. To under-dimensioned scales quickly have defects . ) 7. Filter : 60ml water 8. Recovery compressor : 1PS V-engine dry-running , ( no expensive damage due to over -or under- amount of oil 10. WorkingTemperatur  : 5°C -  45°C 11.Optional vacuum sensor to accurately measure the vacuum.

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