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Lilian Lo, Founder of CHALKapella is a diamond jeweler by profession. She loves painting matching shirts for her family. After receiving countless praises and feedback from friends, she realized everyone has one thing in common which is either lacking the time or the confidence in doing so. The idea of creating something fun and effortless came to her mind - a drawable and washable tee.

Lilian's motivation to further invent Chalk-A-Tee came by during the great migration of the refugees from Myanmar about 2 years ago. Children were fleeing to Malaysia by boats and without basic necessities. She knew this is the perfect time and a good reason for her to put her ideas to work. After countless effort within a year, Chalk-A-Tee was invented.

By donating it to the less fortunate children, they can have fun with the tee at the same time feels like having a new clothes everyday by redrawing a new design all the time. Since the establishment, Lilian has been working with NGOhubs, donating it to many refugee camps, homeless children's, orphanages and to the Orang Asli Aboriginal Kids.

She later turns CHALKapella into a social enterprise and created Chalk For A Good Cause campaign to initiate One for One. For every tee purchased, CHALKapella will donate one Chalk-A-Tee to a less fortunate children. It has been run with great success and thousands of children has benefited from the positive cause. It has gained popularity really fast after only few months of establishment and getting attention from retailers such as Hamleys, Kinokuniya, Isetan, Parkson, Times Bookstore being their main features and best seller in their stores.


CHALKapella aims to become a gifting portal with a vast range of gifting products for all occasion. A GIFT for A GIVE whereby for every gift you purchased for your loved ones, a less fortunate kids gets a Chalk-A-Tee for free!

We are in the midst of developing an Apps whereby we encourage user to custom made their presents with our ready made artwork. DRAG and STICK to bespoke their own limited edition clothes and send to their love ones. Upon checking out, we will match them with a name of a child that is getting the free tee.

Collaborations with brands to bespoke limited Charity editions. Speak LOVE, See LOVE, Hear LOVE is our 2017 theme to spread positivity to the world , to encourage society in emitting the 3 POWERFUL LOVES with people around us.


We strive to SPREAD LOVE and CREATIVITY thru our products. CHALKapella brings JOY not only to the wearer but also to the people around them by sharing their creation and expression to everyone they come in contact with. We want to let people EXPRESS and CREATE freely without stress and worries. Our brand was created out of Founder's love of giving and hence, CHALKapella's mission of giving is our fundamental belief, bringing FUN and JOY not only to those who can afford but also to the LESS FORTUNATE. We strive to give back thru Chalk For A Good Cause campaign, One For One. Together with public force, we are able to give more.


Chalkapella Chalk Crayon

A breakthrough in the chalk industry from years of innovation. It has amazing characteristic andn 15...

Chalkapella Global Plaza Mont Kiara B-5-11 50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia +60 126989820



Unleash your daily creativity! You can write a message to your loved ones by using our smudge-proof...

Chalkapella Global Plaza Mont Kiara B-5-11 50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia +60 126989820

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