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About Us

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Chrysal: Nurturing Beauty.

Chrysal is a main driving force in the flower and plant industry and worldwide market leader in flower food. Whether you grow, transport, sell, or simply enjoy the beauty of cut flowers and potted plants in your own home, Chrysal offers the best solutions to keep them looking fresh for longer. Because of our 85 years of experience and innovation, our distribution network that spans all continents, a commitment to quality and an on-going search for sustainable solutions, we aim to exceed our customers’ needs – today and tomorrow. The result? Flowers and plants that last longer, happy customers and, in the end, a more beautiful world.

Range of services

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Chrysal offers the best solutions to keep your plants and flowers looking fresh for longer.

Post-harvest treatment (at the grower)

From the moment they’re harvested, flowers and plants start to lose their vitality. Our post-harvest solutions boost quality, reduce waste and improve the opening of buds. That way, they stay fresher for longer.

Conditioning (transport & retail)

Flowers and potted plants need to be kept fresh and hydrated during transport and in-store display. Chrysal’s conditioning products don’t just enhance quality, they help to reduce waste and extend the sales period too.

Arrangements & design

For the most beautiful creatons, whether in vases, pots or floral foam, you want to keep the flowers, foliage and plants fresh and hydrated at all times. Chrysal has different products which enhance colours, reduce evaporation and improve the opening of buds.

Flower food (at home)

Quality doesn’t stop at the shop! Chrysal offers different kinds of flower food that help increase vase life by up to 60% compared to water alone. Flower food stimulates the optimal development of buds and blooms, nurturing beauty for as long as possible.


Flowers and plants stay fresh longer when placed in hygienically clean buckets, vases and trays and when they are handled with hygienically clean tools. Chrysal has products which help to maintain the quality and ultimately to increase the vase life.



We offer also a full range of services to help you to nurture your products and grow your business.

Technical Services for growers

Our Technical Consultants (or TC’s) provide on-site technical and advisory support at locations around the world. They conduct research trials and carry out auditing services. But their expertise also extends to the optimization of the post-harvest procedure. During audits, we recommend ways of improving the overall quality of flowers and potted plants. These recommendations cover hygiene, dosage, the length of treatment, as well as the best way to applying our products. Our TC’s work hard to find the best solution to match your own specific needs.

Research & Development service

Chrysal’s R&D centre is located in Naarden, the Netherlands. Here we work on leading-edge technology and an in-depth understanding of the processes involved at each stage of the flower and plant journey. This helps us to create full-care solutions for all our customers. We monitor flowers and potted plants and the effect of different formulas: no formula leaves our production plant without the approval of our laboratory. Our test results are standardized and recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality. As a service to our customers, we can also provide vase life trials in our vase life rooms around the world.

Retails services for your shop

We offer advice on all aspects of the sales process, from marketing and waste management to the optimum dosage of our products. Did you know that the correct dosage of conditioning products is crucial? Under- and overdosage can impact a flower’s quality. Our ‘Code of Practice’ offers practical support in the optimal care for cut flowers and managing waste in the most effective way. And we can help you with various marketing tools, such as developing private labels, displays and training to help grow your business and stay one step ahead of the competition.



Chrysal Trend Selection

Chrysal Clear Trend Selection Universalensures your customers can enjoy the flowers longer. It mixes...

Chrysal International BV Gooimeer 7 1411 DD Naarden Netherlands +31 356955800



Aquastick® is an innovative watering system that transfers water naturally from a reservoir in the...

Chrysal International BV Gooimeer 7 1411 DD Naarden Netherlands +31 356955800



FreshPaq is the new and convenient fresh packaging for flowers. With FreshPaq it is possible to...

Chrysal International BV Gooimeer 7 1411 DD Naarden Netherlands +31 356955800


Chrysal Arrive Alive

Chrysal Arrive Alive will hydrate flowers during transport for 3 to 5 days. It's a patented foam...

Chrysal International BV Gooimeer 7 1411 DD Naarden Netherlands +31 356955800


Chrysal Clear Fairtrade

Chrysal Clear Fairtrade flower food contains fairtrade sugar. It ensures your customers can enjoy...

Chrysal International BV Gooimeer 7 1411 DD Naarden Netherlands +31 356955800

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