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ALBIS  is a fabruc created for outdoor light curtain and sheers. It is an open mesh fabric, to let the filtered light through and at the same time maintains the privacy. Its appearance, hand feeling and hang is the one of the natural and noble materials like cotton and linen. It comes in four natural colors: white, stone, sand and linen.

As it is a fabric 100% solution dyed acrylic, Albis is suitable for exposed outdoor curtains in bungalow, garden gazebo, Balinese beds, pergolas ... The fabric possess excellent properties in terms of color fastness, UV and weather resistance.

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Composition: 100 % solution dyed acrylic.

Available widths: 118"/300cm

Roll length: 30 m

Weight: 140g/m2 (Standard UNE-EN ISO 2286-2)

Resistance to surface wetting (Spray test): 100 (Standard UNE 24920)

Oil repellency : 6 (Standard ATTCC 118)

Warp tensile strength: 65 daN/5cm (Standard UNE-EN ISO 13934)

Weft tensile strength: 75 daN/5 cm (Standard UNE-EN ISO 13934)

Warp tearing resistance: 9,0 daN (Standard UNE-EN ISO 4674-1)

Weft tearing resistance: 10,0 daN ( Standard UNE-EN ISO 4674-1)

Colour fastness to artificial weathering: 7-8 blue scale (8) ( Standard UNE-EN ISO 105-B04).

Colour fastness to light: 7-8 blue scale (8) ( Standard UNE-EN ISO 105-B02)

Tolerance +/- 5% Average values. No contract information. The data are result of test performed in our laboratories.

PROPERTIES: Water resistant finish.

GUARANTY: 5 years Warranty: During this period ,it covers any abnormal deterioration of the physical properties and color of the fabrics, given that maintenance advice has been properly followed.

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