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About Us

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COJALI is a Spanish Industry-leading manufacturer of Commercial Vehicle Cooling and Air Brake systems, Electronic components and Diagnostics and Telematics for Commercial, Agricultural vehicles and Construction machinery.

Established in 1991, COJALI is dedicated to manufacturing a comprehensive range of components for the independent market. Today, thanks to extensive experience and knowledge of the market, COJALI has managed to offer a very wide range of technological products and services, which represent a real alternative even for the OE industry.

COJALI, R+D+i at the service of Commercial Vehicles

Research, Development and Innovation are the foundations upon which COJALI is built. For this reason, each and every one of its products have been able to come to life; from fan clutches with electronic control, to valves with electro-pneumatic control, Jaltest Multi-brand Diagnostics and the latest Jaltest Telematics with Remote Diagnostics project.

COJALI Services.

Not just technological products, COJALI also delivers service solutions for specific customer needs. All of them constitute the added value which differentiates us from our competitors:


  • Training: COJALI has developed a series of classrooms aimed at a theoretical and practical training. Our Training Staff offers training cycles of each and every one of the skills which are necessary in order to cope with the technological developments and current industry trends. Among them, we can find course material on Diagnosis, Electricity and Electronics, Pneumatics, Engine management, Gearboxes and retarders, etc.

  • Technical Assistance: The Technical Assistance Staff is a large team in charge of solving any incidents that our customers may encounter.


Customer Service: Telephone or On-road Support are the two types of assistance that the COJALI Group can offer. Both of them carry out a series of tasks providing information, advice or guidance in order to ensure that our customers have satisfactory business relations.

Range of services

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COJALI, innovating for more than 25 years.

COJALI, mother company of the COJALI Group, was stablished with the goal of providing a technological boost to all the aspects of commercial vehicle components. With this goal, it began its journey with the manufacturing and development of Cooling systems, Air Brake systems, servo clutches and automatic slack adjusters of original quality, that is, an alternative product with equal or better performance than the original product.

This spirit of innovation makes its growth exponential and, in the following years, it will expand the references mentioned above, increasing the ranges of our products, including viscous fan clutches, fan clutches with bimetallic control, valves with electro-pneumatic control, etc.

Consecutively, new goals are being achieved, one of them was the achievement of regulation ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management System) certified by IQ-Net (The International Certificate Network). Immediately, the technological projects of the Jaltest Diagnostics Equipment are addressed or, for instance, the viscous fan clutches with electronic control.

A few years later, the Jaltest Diagnostics was launched, along with a complete plan that includes training and technical assistance. Nowadays, we are still committed to this plan because since then, it has been a distinguishing factor and has turned Jaltest into the most important Multi-brand Diagnostics Solution for Commercial Vehicles worldwide.

Our Electronic Control fan clutch program is developed within the scope of electronics. This is yet another important milestone for COJALI’s R+D+i Department, which is reasserted thanks to the UNE 166002 R+D+i Management system certification awarded by the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR).

In this regard, the electronics laboratory has been created and is responsible for the design and development of brake components with electronic control, such as the e-ABS ECU for trailers and semi-trailers. In addition to many other developments such as the reconditioning of ECUs and EBS and ABS modules.

Currently, COJALI is a brand established in more than 105 countries all over the world, and this brings the confidence and commitment that our products have the highest guarantee and quality, and this is certified by COJALI.


Cooling Systems

Our first and most important activity within the commercial vehicle spare parts field is our...

COJALI, S.L. Avda. de la Industria s/n 13610 Campo De Criptana Spain +34 926589671


Air Brake Systems

COJALI Group is one of the most important full-range spare parts suppliers for commercial vehicles...

COJALI, S.L. Avda. de la Industria s/n 13610 Campo De Criptana Spain +34 926589671


Jaltest Diagnostics

Jaltest is a multibrand and multisystem tool developed to perform the most advanced diagnostics and...

COJALI, S.L. Avda. de la Industria s/n 13610 Campo De Criptana Spain +34 926589671



All the product ranges offered by the Cojali Group are supported by several services, which have...

COJALI, S.L. Avda. de la Industria s/n 13610 Campo De Criptana Spain +34 926589671



The reconditioning of elements with electronic control is subject to rigorous quality controls. It...

COJALI, S.L. Avda. de la Industria s/n 13610 Campo De Criptana Spain +34 926589671

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