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COLIGROUP SPA offers a full range of customized packaging solutions, to meet the most diverse food industry requirements. Its unrivalled reputation comes after a 45- years experience in designing and manufacturing innovative machinery systems. Thanks to the know-how achieved with its packaging turn-key project management, with the most renowned companies in the foodstuff field, Coligroup is sure to meet all the most challenging packaging expectations for the retail and food industries as well.

The COLIMATIC Brand was born in 1973 thanks to the passion for optimization and industrial innovation; this brought a small company to expand in a few years, to become a true leader in the field.

The packaging solutions range includes: thermoforming lines, which are the Coligroup’s core business, tray-sealers, vacuum chamber machines and flowpack&vacuum combined systems. Labeling, printing & dosing systems together with the most modern robotic feeding applications are our optional, which make our packaging systems complete, efficient and unique!

All Colimatic lines are designed and exclusively personalized according to our customers exact requirements.

Coligroup’s commitment to preserve our environment by reducing Co2 emissions, is highlighted by the machines features & peculiarities (standard spare parts). The R&D Department is always striving to develop more environmentally friendly packaging solutions, by using components that require less energy consumption and working on new packaging materials. Result of this continuous effort are our paper forming machines & our carton MAP packaging systems.

With a dedicated team of expert engineers and a fully automated spare parts management system, Colimatic customers are guaranteed 24/7 assistance and technical support everywhere in the world!


Range of services

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COLIGROUP can provide a wide range of packaging solutions for foodstuff:

Thermoforming FFS line THERA series available with manual or automatic dosing systems and various optional.

It comprises the THERA450, THERA650 and 650FV (Variable Size) models, providing a wide range of pack sizes and shapes, and output levels. These state-of-the-art lines are compact modular units which can be expanded to present many possible solutions to wide variety of packaging challenges. A particularly practical feature is Colimatic’s patented Automatic Mould Change System (THERA650 FV).


  • Thermosealing machine TDF series with various options for automatic loading of pre-made trays and products.


This brand new and revolutionary lines have machine frame completely realized in stainless steel with metal sheets obtained by laser cutting and electrically welded holding components. The high packaging flexibility and great cost savings are guaranteed by the Brushless servomotor management which optimize the functioning cycle according to the product exigences.


  • Innovative packaging system mod. OMEGA 800 1C 1200 composed by flowpack machine&vacuum chamber.


OMEGA series line are conceived for the packaging of products with long dimensions (up to 1.000 mm) and heavy weight. The machine wraps the products in a tubular film and realizes the vacuum into the sealing chamber, only by using a unique film reel which is sealed on 3 different sides (2 transversal sealing and 1 longitudinal sealing in the middle).

The product loading can be done by an operator (which manually charges the products on the loading belt) or the machine can automatically receive the products coming from the production facilities. The photocell, positioned on the belt, automatically reads the length of the products that are casually loaded and regulates the belt movement. This solution gives no film waste because the “bags” are made according to product lengths!



The distinctive trait of our THERA 650, is its modular frame. This makes it suitable to any kind of...

Coligroup S.p.A. (COLIMATIC) Via del Lavoro Artigiano 9 25032 Chiari (BS) Italy +39 0307000761



This machine’s compact & solid frame, allows its easy placement into reduced areas. Our Thera 450...

Coligroup S.p.A. (COLIMATIC) Via del Lavoro Artigiano 9 25032 Chiari (BS) Italy +39 0307000761


TDF1650 TDF1900 TDF2200

This brand new and revolutionary series has machine frame completely realized in stainless steel...

Coligroup S.p.A. (COLIMATIC) Via del Lavoro Artigiano 9 25032 Chiari (BS) Italy +39 0307000761


OMEGA 800 1C 1200

From the combination of tradition and innovation a unique packaging concept was born Automatic...

Coligroup S.p.A. (COLIMATIC) Via del Lavoro Artigiano 9 25032 Chiari (BS) Italy +39 0307000761

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