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  • 21048 Solbiate Arno (VA)
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“COVEIN history is rooted in the early Eighties, in a land of ancient industrial tradition and rich of innovation – Varese County.

The business idea came from the consideration than every brake system is founded on a simple principle: compressed air.

Since the beginning, the important industrial reminiscence of the land of Varese allowed COVEIN to find very skilled manpower for producing air compressors and brake parts – the essential core of the initial production.

They were years of great market growth, of enormous demand by customers: years propitious for business expansion, well exploited by COVEIN for broadening its horizons, widening the range of products and fulfilling the needs of international markets.

In 2012, after a long period of commercial collaboration, COVEIN acquired TECHNOMECA, a company producing viscous fans. The entire know-how was transferred in COVEIN.

The most recent years have seen a continuous evolution of the demand, presenting new challenges that COVEIN faces with everlasting enthusiasm, driven by its well-grounded principles: quality of the product and full satisfaction of Customer needs.

COVEIN offers a wide range of products: air compressors for brake systems, spare parts for air compressors, brake parts, brake chambers, air valves, air dryers, air reservoirs, calipers, automatic brake adjusters, fans and viscous clutches for commercial vehicles.

Every item is perfectly interchangeable with the original product.

Productively speaking, COVEIN aims at reaching an high quality standard and at ensuring the prompt availability of its range.

Every manufacturing phase is controlled and certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

Raw materials and components are carefully chosen, assembly operations are rigorously effected – in a handicraft way too, if requested by the Customer – and a final testing is scheduled for each item: all these points belong to COVEIN's rules, oriented to preserve workers safety and to guarantee quality and long-life of its products.

Production is carried out both by series and by prototype, being perfectly flexible and able to be modeled on very specific demands – it can arrive to design and manufacture items defined by single Buyer. In this sense, COVEIN’s vision has foreseen the coming era of “on-demand market”.

This way of proceeding allowed COVEIN to accumulate a real asset in know-how and technical expertise over the years.

COVEIN operates globally: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America are the main areas of business interest, but the Company is ready to serve new markets.

Its sales department is actually focused on the prompt and full satisfaction of Customer needs, paying particular attention to what a Buyer is looking for, to problem solving, to after & post-sale services and to assistance.

Its multi-skilled employees own a strong technical knowledge – that is as important as a commercial one.

In order to fulfill Clients needs from a closer and direct point of view, COVEIN has organized its own sales network throughout the country, while Foreign ones are reached by its international agents.

In the light of what said, COVEIN's unique selling preposition could only be the following:



  • Technology: cutting edge technology, both in production and in job organization;

  • Quality: constantly pursued;

  • Availability: ongoing attention to Customer needs and continuous stock replenishment.”





COVEIN produces air brake compressors for trucks, buses and earthmoving machines, together with all...

CO.VE.IN. SRL Viale Delle Industrie 30 21048 Solbiate Arno (VA) Italy +39 0331/990707



In 2015 COVEIN began to provide brake chambers, calipers and automatic brake adjusters, in the...

CO.VE.IN. SRL Viale Delle Industrie 30 21048 Solbiate Arno (VA) Italy +39 0331/990707

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