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  • BP 10, Z.A. du Moulin
  • 25490 Fesches Le Chatel
  • France


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CRISTEL, a premium made in France brand.

Although 1983 earmarked the birth of Cristel, the actual expertise of the manpower goes way back to 1826 and the construction of the Feschotte factory in Franche-Comté where the first tinplate saucepan was deep-drawn by Japy Frères.

Over a century later, in 1987, urged by the Dodane family, Cristel launched its first collections of top-end frying pans and saucepans with removable handle.

As the final touch to it growing success, the company policy turned to

innovation and quality contributed to the expansion of the business and its products.

The combination between man’s know-how and machine intelligence gives

rise to simple to use products, efficient techniques and second-to-none design.

Today, in keeping with its values, Cristel is the high flyer of the top end tableware sector.



- Expertise that fully supports Cristel’s traditions, in terms of both style and modernity.

- A corporate culture that supports quality in everything we do and reflects our desire for excellence in good and beautiful products.


- Integrated French manufacturing of more than 90% of products sold under the Cristel brand, with the Origine France Garantie label.

- The best materials and components for the manufacture of our products.

- The best possible working conditions and tools for our employees.


- The best business relationships and service, and sustainable relations with all of our partners.

- A business policy that is as clear and loyal as possible, in line with the biggest names in luxury goods.

The Cristel vision of luxury.

Range of services

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Between aesthetics and functionality… Cristel, creator of the “Cuisson Service” / “Cook & Serve” concept!

With or without handles, from the kitchen to the table, for multifunctional cooking versatility, where simplicity rhymes with safety!

MUTINE collection

Its bold design breaks with tradition to join the new generations who prefer minimalist, audacious and practical forms.

As with the other collections, MUTINE is available in both FIXED and REMOVABLE versions: a field in which CRISTEL is the creator and the unrivalled leader.

The removable handles are made from heat resistant thermodure resin, are available in a range of colours, and stand up by themselves thanks to their truncated shape.

A complete collection, with shiny finish and thick heat diffusing base, suitable for all heat sources + induction.

STRATE Collection

A resolutely contemporary design, a taut, uncluttered and comfortable style, innovative and high performance technicality, STRATE from CRISTEL marks yet another step towards perfection. Cast stainless steel handles that are removable or solidly fixed to the body of the “L” line with a broad wrap-around heat diffusing base.

They will be riveted onto the frying pans in order to allow remoulding of the non-stick coatings.

Flat glass lids rimmed with stainless steel, with comfortable folding handles (for storage) elegantly complete the pure line of this collection.

CASTELINE collection

The identity of this contemporary range is firmly rooted in CRISTEL’s rich savoir faire. A vintage collection of more than 80 products made from multi-layer stainless steel with the following characteristics: ergonomic, styled handles in solid stainless steel, all steel riveted monobloc construction for professional

styling, 5-layer base and 3-layer reinforced body…

The understated and elegant lines matched with professional quality make these products an undeniable reference in the top-of-the-range cookware world.

COOKWAY Collection

With or without removable, Cookway aluminum made collection is coated by the high restistant Exceliss non-stick coating.

A large range of products : fryingpans, pots, saucepans, sauté pans and woks.



Made in France.


Mutine Collection - fixed and removable handle

Mutine® collection, its daring design shakes up the codes, to join new generations followers of...

CRISTEL BP 10, Z.A. du Moulin 25490 Fesches Le Chatel France +33 3 81961752


Strate collection - fixed and removable handle

An elegant and functional synthesis Strate® collection with removable and fi xed handles with...

CRISTEL BP 10, Z.A. du Moulin 25490 Fesches Le Chatel France +33 3 81961752


Casteline collection - fixed and removable handle

Perfect synthesis of technology and design CRISTEL tended towards perfection, Casteline® collection...

CRISTEL BP 10, Z.A. du Moulin 25490 Fesches Le Chatel France +33 3 81961752


Alto pressure cooker

CRISTEL reveals its version of pressure cooker. Simplicity, reliability and design are the...

CRISTEL BP 10, Z.A. du Moulin 25490 Fesches Le Chatel France +33 3 81961752


Cookway removable handle collection

Aluminium cookware collection with high resistant Exceliss non-stick coating. The Ladybird bakelite...

CRISTEL BP 10, Z.A. du Moulin 25490 Fesches Le Chatel France +33 3 81961752


ZENITH 3 - perfectLock System

The ZENITH handle, one of the best sellers in CRISTEL’s removable handle and grip collections, has...

CRISTEL BP 10, Z.A. du Moulin 25490 Fesches Le Chatel France +33 3 81961752

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