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  • D-4 Govt Industrial Estate, Patel Nagar
  • 248001 Dehradun
  • India


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We are an SME established in 1967. We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Mathematical Drawing instruments including a large variety of scales and templates, Fashion Design Tools, Teaching Aids, and a Fine Art Equipments. We manufacture more than 800 products ranging from rulers & templates to Dusters and teaching models  and many drawing tools. Till date, we have the trust of more than 10,000 high value customers. We process more than 5000 orders  annually.      

Our ambition is to deliver precision and international product quality standards. We have a state of the art  computerized production facility where we use latest technologies like sophisticated plastic molding, laser  technologies. We also have our own labs for material blending. We do strict quality control for every single  piece produced and guarantee accuracy. Our prices are very competitive and we ensure value for money for  our customers. We are constantly innovating and adding new products to our portfolio to bring you  everything you need.       

We also believe in sustainable and fair business practices. We obtain our feed-stock and raw material from  very reputed suppliers. We strictly follow the labor laws for our workers and ensure that they are given a  healthy and safe working environment. We also provide them with housing facilities.   So whether you are a direct consumer, a retailer, a wholesaler, a distributor or an institution, we have great  products and unbeatable offers for you. We will also be glad to customize the products and branding  according to your needs. constant innovation and introduction of new production.

Range of services

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Leading Manufacturers of :

1) Drawing Instruments like Mini Drafters, Set Squares, Protractors, T squares, French Curves, Drawing Templates , etc

2) Fashion Designing Equipments like Quilting Rulers, Pattern Master, Right Angles (L scales), Designing Curves, French curves, Templates for jewellery and pattern drawing, etc

3) Fine Art Equipments like Oil Colour Mixing plates, Colour mixing palattes,Clay Modelling Tools , easels, drawing boards etc

4) Marine/ Nautical Instruments like Marine compass, Marine Dividers, Protractors, Parallel Bars, etc

5) Drawing Templates ranging from technical to Jewellery Designing.

6) Rulers/ Scales including products like, Triangular scales, all kinds of engineering scales, Survey's scale and many more available in acrylic, plastic or wooden.

7) Teaching Aids like Mathemetical Instrument Sets, Geometrical Models, Dusters, Rulers, etc. 

8) Drawing Accessories like portfolio bags, Technical Drawing Pens and Inks, Brush Holders, Paper Containers, etc

We constantly try to innovate and we keep adding new products to our portfolio according to the demand. We use the best technology and materials assuring the best quality products at a very reasonable price.

We also make customized products, as per the requirement of our customers.


Drawing & Drafting Templates

Drawing templates and drafting templates perfect for art, hobbies, drawing, or drafting purposes. We...

Deepak Scales D-4 Govt Industrial Estate, Patel Nagar 248001 Dehradun India +91 9837025643


Roll & Draw Ruler

For architectural, engineering or design purposes, a rolling ruler allows quickness and accuracy...

Deepak Scales D-4 Govt Industrial Estate, Patel Nagar 248001 Dehradun India +91 9837025643

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