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Dell’Orco & Villani

Dell’Orco & Villani is a world leader in manufacturing machinery for the fiber reclamation and blending industry. The family-owned business, started in 1964, first specialized in reclaiming natural fibers such as wool and cotton. By 1970, with the introduction of man-made fibers, the Company expanded its manufacturing program and moved into a 30,000 sq. ft. plant. They introduced equipment that enabled the opening of new fibers despite challenging physical or chemical characteristics. 

As the woolen spinning industry declined, D&V once again was in the forefront of their field, shifting to reclamation and blending fibers for the automotive industry as well as building machinery for the production of non-woven pads for under carpets, mattresses, sound insulation and geotextiles.

During the last ten years, the Company again expanded its production, especially internationally. Now, about 75 percent of their equipment is made for export while 25 percent is for the domestic Italian market. Much of D&V’s success can be attributed to their state-of-the-art research and their in-house Cad computer systems. Therefore, D&V is able to offer tailor-made solutions to solve each client’s individual needs. In addition, they offer fast, after-sales service.

D&V designs and produces complete turnkey machinery lines and plants for:

Reclamation of textile waste (cutting machines, rag tearing machines, opening willows and presses).

Blending fibers for the production of wool, worsted, semi-worsted and open-end yarns, slivers for artificial fur, and non-wovens.

Insulation pads for the automotive industry. 

Packaging lines complete with baling presses, bales handling and automatic weighing systems. 

Machinery for recycling post consumer carpets (Patented)

Machinery for “diapers” recycling

Dell’Orco & Villani for the Recycling

Tearing lines and machinery for recycling textile wastes, productions waste, and non-woven trimmings.

Lines & machines for recycling the fluff from the “out of standard” diapers

Complete “Patented” lines for second hand carpets recycling

Dell’Orco & Villani for the Non wovens

Technological fine openers for synthetic fibers for traditional and special non-wovens, needle punched, air-lay, air-through, spunlace etc.

Continuous & Batch Blending lines to mix fibres under computerized control.

Special waste openers for high tech non wovens as aramidic, kevlar & glass fibres 

Dell’Orco & Villani for the Automotive Industry

In recent years D&V has specialized in the engineering and production of high-tech lines for the preparation and blending of fibres for the automotive industry. A close cooperation with the most important companies operating in this sector has resulted in the development of specific dedicated systems responding to the various needs of the producers of automotive interior parts. In particular, D&V lines are being used for the production of blends of fibres and other special components for the manufacturing of vibration, heat and sound dampening panels. The various steps of the blending processes include the electronic control of blended of the fibres percentages within the final blend and the constant preservation of set production rates.

Dell’Orco & Villani for the Packaging

As complement of recycling lines D&V produces complete baling plant, including fully automated baling machines, underground baling presses for waste, above ground presses for staple fibres for high and low production, for heavy and light bales.

Dell’Orco & Villani for the Post Consumer Carpet Recycling

We have recently developed a new system (patent pending) for the processing of the post consumer carpets which allows the clean separation of the carpet yarn from the carpet backing. The removed carpet yarn can be used again to produce new yarn or transformed into pellets for the plastic moulding industry. The carpet backing can also be further processed in order to obtain the separation of the polypropylene fiber from the calcium carbonate powder.

Dell’Orco & Villani for Diapers Recycling

We can offer complete line to recover the pulp and the fluff from the out of standard diapers. Reducing the production cost for the manufacturers of diapers. This technology has been developed in partnership with Canalair Spa.


• Rotary cutters

• Cutters for tow and tangle tow

• Guillotine & mutilating cutters

• Automatic bale openers and feeders

• Automatic storage boxes for cut fibers

• Volumetric hopper feeding fibers

• Tearing and opening machinery

• Oil emulsion spraying systems

• Beaters/cleaners and dust extractors

• Baling presses for rags & fibers

• Automatic horizontal baling presses

• Electronic weigh-pan blending lines

• Bale openers & feeders

• Cleaning & blending machines

• Opening willows

• Fiber storage & blending machines

• Opening willows and fiber openers

• Oiling devices

• Automatic bin emptiers

• Vibrating chute-feeding units

• Pneumatic conveying systems

• Automatic plant control and management systems

• Patent protected technology to process post consumer carpets

• Technology to recycle out-of-standard diapers.  



This machine has been developed for the fine accurate pre-opening of synthetic virgin fibres in the...

Dell' Orco & Villani S.r.l. Via di Maiano 289 50013 Capalle - Campi Bisenzio (FI) Italy +39 055-8951181



Dell’Orco & Villani for the Automotive IndustryThe blending systems developed by Dell’Orco & Villani...

Dell' Orco & Villani S.r.l. Via di Maiano 289 50013 Capalle - Campi Bisenzio (FI) Italy +39 055-8951181



Dell’Orco & Villani produces a wide range of baling machines. Suitable for any textile material...

Dell' Orco & Villani S.r.l. Via di Maiano 289 50013 Capalle - Campi Bisenzio (FI) Italy +39 055-8951181



Our company is specialized in offering a wide range of machinery for textile waste recycling. In...

Dell' Orco & Villani S.r.l. Via di Maiano 289 50013 Capalle - Campi Bisenzio (FI) Italy +39 055-8951181



Internally in our factory is available a laboratory room to test the material of our clients on our...

Dell' Orco & Villani S.r.l. Via di Maiano 289 50013 Capalle - Campi Bisenzio (FI) Italy +39 055-8951181

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