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Established in 1989, and based in the Florence region, DGA designs and produces LED lighting fixtures. The company, which was one of the first in Italy to start manufacturing luminaires sourced with LEDs, aims to deliver reliable products with good performance characteristics, and  it is considered to be one of the most innovative companies in its field.

DGA now has almost 15 years of experience and can record growing success.

Designing and manufacturing  the best LED lighting fixtures requires a genetic aptitude: the DNA of a company is the result  of its experience, its know-how and its way of doing things. Having been a good manufacturer of lamps is not enough to become an excellent manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures. The LED is a new way to conceive the light. It requires carefulness and creative talent, like the precision engineering. As per the most advanced Hi-Tech sectors, the LED forces to the research and to the continuous updating of the know-how. Besides all this, DGA adds two decisive features: the flexibility, in order to satisfy all customers’ requirements, and a maniac accuracy for every single detail. This is what creates the unique quality and the great reliability of a DGA product.

Other manufactures adapt the body of their traditional lamps in order to host a LED circuit. This is not what DGA does. A lighting fixture is designed ex novo in order to optimise the performances of a specific LED, in a coherent and essential way which is distinctive of a professional equipment. The beauty of DGA light fixtures is the consequence of an honest, crystal and precise way of thinking. They are beautiful and pure, just like the technology which is inside them.

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DGA satisfies the requirements of its customers, lighting designers and architects. DGA works with them, revising and improving its products and creating new ones. The original conception of a place inspires innovative lighting solutions. Each time DGA works on a new project, it enriches its DNA and goes for new evolution. DGA is specialized in customized fittings. These special products are not prototypes but they are managed as standard fittings, passing through all the production stages and quality tests.

Designing without compromises is possible thanks to DGA Design Centre which is specialised in the precision engineering and provided with excellent manufacturing tools. The main strength of DGA is their in-house production department.

Each single mechanic component is designed, prototyped, tested and manufactured inside the company.

Even if it means a higher cost for the company, it gives the possibility to manage independently the production times and methods, it helps accelerating the procedures and, above all, it guarantees the quality of each single manufacturing step. Another big advantage is the flexibility which is essential for the manufacture of customised fixtures.

The internal manufacturing and the assembling of the LED circuits guarantee the light source to work in the best possible conditions and the lighting fixture to have a longer life.



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DGA s.r.l. Via Pietro Nenni 72/B 50013 Campi Bisenzio (FI) Italy +39 0558986235 export@dga.it



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DGA s.r.l. Via Pietro Nenni 72/B 50013 Campi Bisenzio (FI) Italy +39 0558986235 export@dga.it

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