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  • Nagolder Str. 61
  • 72224 Ebhausen
  • Germany

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About Us

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Diener electronic was founded in 1993.

We are a young, expanding company and are one of the leading producers of low-pressure plasma systems, plasma HF generators and atmospheric plasma all nationally and internationally.

The company has four locations:

1. Jettingen (Böblingen district): Electronics

 2. Ebhausen - Nagolder Strasse 61 (Calw district): Electronics, process development, mechanical engineering, sales with 5400 sq.m

3. Ebhausen - Carl-Schickhardt-Strasse 40 (Calw district): Wage labour

4. Lomazzo - Italy

Our plasma systems are exported from Ebhausen all over the world.

Diener electronic now has about 120 employees.

In 2012 approx. 480 plasma systems were produced.

Turnover for the year 2012 was approx. € 10.5 millions.

In 2012 we successfully exhibited at 7 shows (MEDTEC, Sensor+Test, Composites Europe, BondExpo, Fakuma, Parts2Clean, Productronica) .

Range of services

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1. Laboratory and small series systems:


  • approx. 2,6 liter chamber volume (Zepto)

  • approx. 10 liter chamber volume (Atto)

  • approx. 2 liter chamber volume (Femto)

  • approx. 5 liter chamber volume (Pico)

  • approx. 24 liter chamber volume (Nano)


2. Production systems:


  • approx. 34 liter chamber volume (Tetra-30)

  • approx. 50 liter chamber volume (Tetra-50)

  • approx. 100 liter chamber volume (Tetra-100)

  • approx. 240 liter chamber volume (Tetra-240)

  • approx. 400 liter chamber volume (Tetra-400)

  • approx. 600 liter chamber volume (Tetra-600)

  • approx. 1 200 liter chamber volume (Tetra-1200)

  • approx. 2 400 liter chamber volume (Tetra-2400)

  • approx. 5 000 liter chamber volume (Tetra-5000)

  • approx. 12 600 liter chamber volume (Tetra-12600)

  • special systems in intermediate sizes/ special sizes can be produced on request.


3. Atmospheric plasma:


4. HF generators:

HF generator for producing plasma (40 kHz)

[ Areas of application ]

The main areas of application for low-pressure plasma technology are the pretreatment and coating of various materials.

This is used in the following areas:


  • Automotive

  • Analysis

  • Biotechnology

  • Electronics

  • Elastomer technology

  • Electron microscopy

  • Medical technology

  • Microsystem technology

  • Plastics technology

  • Precision mechanics

  • Research

  • Semi-conductor technology

  • Solar cell technology

  • Textile technology


This involves the:


  • cleaning

  • activating

  • etching

  • plasmapolymerization

  • of surfaces


Plasma treatment enables surfaces to be modified:

Pretreatment prior to painting Pretreatment prior to pouring

Pretreatment prior to gluing Pretreatment prior to extruding

Hydrophilization Asbestos analysis

Hydrophobization Pretreatment prior to molding

Oleophobization Powder treatment

Pretreatment prior to bonding Photosensitive resist incineration

Pretreatment prior to welding Degreasing

Our services:


We offer our customers individual service in the following areas:


  • creation of system concepts

  • process development

  • free treatment of samples

  • rental of plasma systems

  • hire-purchase of plasma systems

  • fee-based treatment


We aim to identify the problems facing every customer and to produce a solution to the problem through our trained personnel and the necessary expertise.



The FEMTO plasma cleaner are available in many different configurations. The following is an...

Diener electronic GmbH + Co. KG Nagolder Str. 61 72224 Ebhausen Germany +49 7458/999310 info@plasma.de



The Bell Jar 35 is a research plasma system developed for scientific experimentation. The system can...

Diener electronic GmbH + Co. KG Nagolder Str. 61 72224 Ebhausen Germany +49 7458/999310 info@plasma.de


Special cleaner Tetra-12.600-LF-PC

The plasma system Tetra-12600 with 12,600 litres of chamber volume is PC controlled and is used...

Diener electronic GmbH + Co. KG Nagolder Str. 61 72224 Ebhausen Germany +49 7458/999310 info@plasma.de

Exhibitor at the following trade fair

Techtextil 2015

04.05.2015 - 07.05.2015 Hall: 3.0 Stand: D 26