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Diffus Design is a Copenhagen based design office combining research and experimentation. The focus is to combine textiles, new materials and innovative technology in often unpredictable ways and unconventional twists but always with strong concepts and clear narratives.

Our projects are poetical, playful and surprising which appeal to our emotional self and open up to the sensibility of a large public. At the same time, our design aim at conceptual depth and boldness, which also will satisfy the inquiring mind.

Below are some examples of the contrasts, apparent contradictions and paradoxes that triggers our curiosity and sense of explorations, experimentation and research:

Traditional craft versus high tech

Modern technology often have a high tech and alienating feeling to it. High tech becomes functional gadgets that we depend on but at the same time are detached from. By combining traditional know how and a codified production processes with uncharted technologies and complex materials we try to emphasize familiarity, luxury and comfort. We thereby try to avoid gadgets in favor of tangible smooth technology.

Art versus design

Our work lies within the field of art and design. We have a very solution-oriented design approach but at the same time the art scene is an inspiration as well as a frame work. Weather our work is art or design is not really important - what is important is use, storytelling and contradictions.

Digitality versus materiality

By merging ubiquitous technology based on sensor technology and computing with the sensual properties of traditional materials gives qualities of slowness and tangibility to the digital and changeability and interaction into the material. Thereby we try to make a continuum between the digital and the analogue in order to avoid the traditional bipolarity between the two. This “mix” of digital and physical materials results in unique hybrid material on its own right, which epitomizes todays Zeitgeist.

Sustainability versus hedonism

We believe that it is possible to create sustainable design without changing the behavior of the user or compromise their quality of life. Beauty, sensuality and pleasurable experiences are not excluding sustainability and ethical responsibility. Social, environmental and ethics can be hot, crazy and sensual.

Range of services

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Many companies experience challenges when trying to stay on edge in a society demanding ever new products and sustainable solutions. Diffus Design is an acclaimed design oice based in Copenhagen, Denmark, which help organizations and companies innovate their design process within a wide range of industries, from industrial production to fashion and infrastructure planning. We know that it can be difficult balancing tradition and craftsmanship with the materials and technology of the future.

Therefore we assist clients with a multidisciplinary approach that is de␣ined by our work and experience within architecture, design and interaction, and our research on new materials and intelligent technology in order to help clients create new projects and solutions that re␣lect a clear narrative and a focus on human needs, an interactive design, and both visual aesthetics and sensuous experience in the end result.

Our process consists of three overlapping phases: idea, project and design, which means that we can assist clients with all the tasks required from inception of an idea to delivery of a functioning prototype or other kind of end result. Our involvement is based on a client's special needs, and it is therefore possible to cooperate in just one or two of the phases if that is preferable

The Idea Phase

We help the client shed new light on their design process and core competencies by inquiry and challenge. Diffus deploy a creative toolbox that assists clients in exploding and uncovering new directions for their business in order to transform the way they develop products, processes and strategy. Together we utilize the latent ideas and desires of the client as a catalyst for changing organizational culture and growing markets. The phase is concluded with delivery of an idea catalogue or other suitable documentation of the client's process of discovery.

The Project Phase

We help the client to move forward with the still intangible ideas and concepts that have been established and documented in the previous phase. Now we focus on recommendations and new criteria in order to turn the groundwork into tangible concepts and strategies. We deliver a programme plan to pursue and craft the new directions with a strong narrative.

The Design Phase

We aid clients in creating and executing plans on design and strategy, based on the programme plan developed in the previous phase.We also help them secure that the original design purpose is maintained during implementation.



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Diffus Design APS Gasvaerksvej 10A, 1st.t 1656 Copenhagen Denmark +45 60831920 info@diffus.dk

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