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Digital Power Technologies Inc.

Over the years, the Digital Power Research team has been investigating the limitations and deficiencies of both Analog and Digital Power audio amplifiers.

Irrespectively of what is being stated within the industry, there is a very large gap between natural sound propagation and technical sound reproduction.

The interdisciplinary scientific and acoustics engineering team of Digital Power tries to narrow ,the easy to detect, audible gap.

A special digital power conversion technology has been used in the construction of our amplifiers, enabling them to reproduce and deliver extreme fast music signals, while at the same time securing and maintaining, a 100% flat Energy Power Response, and not only a flat frequency response, which only apply at a specific test signal power level.

The amplifier can deliver acoustical sound pressure and the equivalent of electrical power at 120 dB completely free from any imbalances.

Actual sound transmissions and propagations, involves the acceleration and movement of elastic displacement air masses and the amplifier has to enable the highest constant energy at the required musical signal speeds at all audible frequencies. A 32 Hz tone of an ten meter organ pipe will be accurately be reproduced at a even the highest attainable sound pressure power level .


The squaring of the acoustical circle involves an almost loss -less musical integrity: Phase, Location, Timbre and Instrument Recognition within the complexity of an symphonic orchestra will be always maintained.

Our Amplifiers are working instruments for the sound and recording engineer, as well as for a pleasurable dynamic emotional music enjoyment at living rooms.

Industry executives of renowned companies thoroughly tested our power conversion amplifiers and documented their intention for becoming our commercial partners

Digital Power Inc will continue to engage their research on the the quest for closing the gap between real life sound perception and technical reproduction.

We kindly invite you to visit our stand in Hall 3 A16.

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05.04.2016 - 08.04.2016 Hall: 3.1 Stand: A 16