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DIVUS KNXSERVER is the core of the web technology based visualization solution of DIVUS for KNX systems, which gives you full control over the functions of your home. KNXSERVER has been refitted and now provides – among a noticeable performance boost – the new OPTIMA interface for creation of design-oriented visualizations.

From the KNX-M-SERVER to the KNX-E-SERVER - scaleable visualisation solutions

Our new KNXSERVER family covers the whole gamut of requirements in this sphere, via a cost efficient basic server that is an ideal entry-level gateway to the world of visualisation. The KNX-M-SERVER (Mini-SERVER) operates in concert with mobile devices in the Apple domain (iPhone, iPad and iPod), as well as with Android devices such as myriad smartphones and tablet computers from vendors such as Motorola, Acer, Huawei, and many more.

And when it comes to stationary operation, the KNX-M-SERVER can communicate with our Android-based DIVUS TOUCHZONE. For all supported Android products, in addition to access to KNX visualisation a SIP-based door communication app is available that can be used via our INTERCOM UPGRADE, also with our KNX-M-SERVER. This in turn allows the DIVUS TOUCHZONE to become an indoor-station for door communication. In addition to our own OPENDOOR outdoor station, those of Siedle, Jung, Gira, TCS and many other vendors are supported as well.

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Our next-largest server, the KNX-H-SERVER (Home-SERVER) is a must when it comes to meeting customers’ ever growing expectations as regards functionality and design. These solutions are increasingly coming into use in middle to upper class private-sector real estate (apartments and homes), as well as in smaller commercial properties such as medical practices, retail stores, offices, and production facilities.
Our KNX-H-SERVER not only offers an expanded range of functions, but also supports a full graphics mode, which allows for placement of system functions right on the background image. Both classic layout plans as well as actual images of a given space can be used as background.
Depending on the functions an object supports, having been put in position it can be either activated directly or can serve as a gateway to extended entry options. The onscreen menu bar allows for user friendly navigation and features a tree view of the relevant spaces (for rapid opening of the desired pages) as well as dedicated areas for the management of functions such as light, climate, shading, security and the like.
This menu also provides access to various plugins that allow for management of additional functions such as scenarios and provides access to web content, weather reports, news tickers, and message boards. The next step up – our KNX-A-SERVER (Advanced- SERVER) – is designed for use in large private sector properties or commercial buildings. The only difference to the KNX-H-SERVER is the higher limitation for group addresses and energy counter creation.
Our top of the line server, where the sky’s genuinely the limit, is our KNX-E-SERVER (Enterprise-SERVER), which can be used for large-scale projects and adapted to their requirements.

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