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Product description

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For the Alpha Printer Systems, Durst offers eco-friendly, water-based ink systems, dispersion- and reactive-, as well as a new pigment ink system.


  • Alpha Ink D: Dispersion Ink System

  • Alpha Ink R: GOTS certified Reactive Ink System

  • Alpha Ink P: Specially developed Pigment Ink System for an efficient and economical application on a large number of textile materials. Main characteristics are an outstanding color reproduction and a smooth touch. No necessity for pre-treatment and finishing for standard applications, which makes the Alpha Ink P especially suitable as an all-rounder for the production process.


The Alpha Inks are characterized by a deep black, high brightness and excellent print results. They are impressive for all relevant features such as color space, image quality, uniformity and light fastness.


Which ink system for which application? Available colors for the ink systems   Alpha Ink D

For chemical bers, polyester and polyester blends with a polyester share of more than 50%.

Applications: ags, banners, outdoor signage, POP, automotive, home textiles, sports wear.

CMYK Orange Red Blue Grey     Alpha Ink R

For cotton and cotton blend with a cotton share of more than 60%, as well as polyamide, silk and viscose.

Applications: home textiles, curtains, linen and upholstery, clothing and fashion.

CMYK Orange Red Blue Light Magenta Grey   Alpha Ink P

For cotton and cotton blends polyester and polyester blends.

Applications: home textiles, clothing, fashion, ags.

CMYK Orange Green Light Magenta Light Cyan Grey


Color Fastness

All Alpha Inks are continuously tested and constantly achieve very good results to meet all relevant ISO-Standards:


  • Color Fastness - ISO 105-B02

  • Color Fastness to Wash - ISO 105-C06

  • Color Fastness to Water - ISO 105-E01

  • Color Fastness to Perspiration - ISO 105-E04

  • Color Fastness to Artificial Weathering - ISO-B04

  • Color Fastness to Rubbing - ISO 105-X12


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