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Founded in 1995, Earthworks manufactures condenser microphones for studio, live sound, installation, measurement and worship markets. 

Precision engineered and hand assembled, Earthworks microphones represent the pinnacle of technology and art in microphone design. Each microphone is hand-tuned and tested to ensure the purist and most realistic capture of your sound, be it live on stage, recording in the studio or out in the field.

The advanced circuitry and patented technologies found in Earthworks microphones deliver the purist and most honest reproduction of sound. Each microphone’s circuitry is extensively tested and hand selected to match its capsule, delivering the highest levels of clarity, nuance and realism to your sound. Extended frequency response, incredibly fast impulse response, near perfect polar pattern and pure signal path. These are all features found in every Earthworks microphone. When combined, the result is an uncolored high gain microphone with benchmark levels of clarity and resistance to feedback. 

We believe there is more to human hearing than the range of frequencies which can be heard as tones. Most sound recordings don’t live up to the sonic experience of being there with the live music. We are convinced that audio equipment with extended frequency response and faster, cleaner time-domain performance will yield more life-like results than the slower more colored equipment of yesteryear.

The time resolution of human hearing is 10 microseconds or better. This corresponds to frequencies beyond 80kHz. Most microphones smear frequencies in relation to time to such a degree that the time relationships which existed in the air are audibly degraded. When you choose a microphone you get its time domain imprint on the track. Mics with poor time resolution will distort the signal beyond any practical recovery of the original.

We support the concept that you can and should record acoustic events accurately enough to capture the sound as it happened in the room. This approach allows you to make sonic coloration and texture choices later when you can consider them carefully and you still have recourse. We believe that life-like realism is the essential starting point for whatever unique coloration you may wish to add.



The M30 has become the accepted standard for affordable, reliable reference and measurement...

Earthworks, Inc. 37 Wilton Road 03055 Milford USA +1 6036542433-111



The PianoMic™ System was designed to revolutionize piano miking and achieve an incredible...

Earthworks, Inc. 37 Wilton Road 03055 Milford USA +1 6036542433-111



The SR40V is the first and only High Definition Vocal Microphone™. Engineered for use on stage or in...

Earthworks, Inc. 37 Wilton Road 03055 Milford USA +1 6036542433-111



The IMB & IMBL Boundary Layer Microphones provide a pristine sounding microphone solution for...

Earthworks, Inc. 37 Wilton Road 03055 Milford USA +1 6036542433-111



Earthworks’ patented technologies incorporated into the FlexMic™ Series provide a high level of...

Earthworks, Inc. 37 Wilton Road 03055 Milford USA +1 6036542433-111

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