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To personally experience the natural reproduction of audio is a gift. There is a transcendent connection between artist and audience that cannot readily be described. Any sound reinforcement system that is used during a live performance must strive to connect each and every member of the audience to the art as if the system itself is not even there. A loudspeaker system is not the art. It is the canvas.

This is the fundamental principle upon which EAW was founded in 1978 and it still drives all aspects of our engineering philosophy to this very day. Every generation of EAW loudspeaker systems has taken yet another step toward this ultimate goal of transparency. This design objective is more specifically defined as linear frequency and phase response, an ideal impulse response, optimal consistency within the intended coverage area, extremely low distortion and the seamless ability for products to work together in unison. We develop ground-breaking technologies that push our products ever closer to these ideals while always remaining unmistakably EAW.

We are not artists. Our role is one of preservation. We must protect the art of others and ensure that all observers personally experience the gift.

Welcome to EAW.

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Every facet of system design focuses on delivering acoustical precision that is targeted at the exacting demands of a specific application. The conceptual goal is to ensure that from the simplest system to the most extensive array of devices, all EAW systems perform as a unified whole with a common origin.   Like studio monitors, EAW systems are designed to provide the most neutral, transparent experience possible. But unlike studio monitors, EAW systems are designed to do this for events or facilities of any shape or size. EAW has always and will continue to exclusively develop integrated products and applied technologies that redefine the industry envelope.   EAW’s extensive line of loudspeaker systems sits at the center of the tool kit. With well over 100 basic models in more than a dozen series, audio pros in permanent installation and mobile production can optimize each sound system design to match the needs of its individual application. Loudspeaker systems might include onboard digital processors and amplifiers, but almost always benefit from external processors that deliver EAW Focusing settings, our proprietary approach to eliminating anomalies in a loudspeaker’s time domain.   Finally, EAW develops software products that let users design arrays and model the results as well as programs that control DSP in EAW signal processors and onboard NT processors.    2016 marks the 38th year of business for EAW. EAW operations are based in a historic mill complex in Whitinsville, MA that signifies the birth of the industrial revolution in America and once was the home of one of the largest manufacturers of textile machines in the world. All EAW products are designed by the US based engineering team and today, the majority of products are manufactured in the historic factory on the banks of the Mumford River.   From the very beginning, EAW has delivered breakthrough technologies that unite artist and audience by solving the challenges that audio professionals face every day. The technology story has followed a clear path that began with the optimization of core acoustic components and has logically led to the optimization and integration of more and more aspects of the signal chain. 



Anna is the newest introduction to EAW’s flagship line of Adaptive™ Systems, providing all of the...

Eastern Acoustic Works Inc. One Main Street, Building 13 01588 Whitinsville USA +1 4254874333 info@eaw.com

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