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Ecolife International with its leading brand “EcoSouLife®” is an award winning Australian brand that aims to inspire an ever-growing environmentally conscious global network. Currently we are the only company worldwide, that offers a multidimensional range of biodegradable, disposable and reusable products. “EcoSouLife®” manufactures and delivers products that are convenient, simple and functional in use whilst adopting a forward-thinking attitude in our care for the longevity of planet earth. “EcoSouLife®” understands the dynamic nature of our busy lives and has provided humble solutions – accessible to everyone. We offer earth-friendly solutions without compromise; tree-free, melamine-free, BPA-free, plant-based and fully biodegradable. Being eco-conscious not only comes from our soul, it’s our way of life.

Join us on our mission and revitalise yourselves and the natural environment for generations to come, together we will make the change following our moto: “Safer for me, Safer for the environment”.

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“EcoSouLife®” is trademarked worldwide, and has significantly grown global awareness of environmental issues concerning plastic and melamine products. Along our journey of creating a more environmentally sustainable future, EcoSouLife® has received plethora of awards including, the ‘High Ecological and Sustainable Value Award’ at The Outdoor Show in Germany, 2013, the ‘Best Design Stand Award’ in SOTA Australia, 2011 and 2013, the ‘Mountain Weekly Editor’s Choice Award’ at The Outdoor Show in Salt Lake City, USA, 2014, the ‘Editor’s Choice Award’ at Expo East in 2015, the ‘IHA Clean Choice Award’ in Chicago, USA, 2016, and the Nexty Award “Editor’s Choice for “Best Natural Living Product” in Baltimore. In the past 12 months, the company has been awarded the ‘Vegan & Fitness Award’ - by the Vegan, Health and Fitness Magazine, in addition to the ‘Ethical Style Award’ from Ambiente Germany. Each and every award is a testament to the company and its supporting networks for delivering products of the highest quality without compromising our natural environment.

In its 7th year of presence in the market, “EcoSouLife®” has gained considerable global recognition and continues to build momentum as an environmentally conscious and responsible business. The company wants to continue to be active in spreading awareness towards the issue of pollution. Small changes to our day-to-day lives can have extraordinary impacts on the quantity of deposited landfill whilst the subsequent positive effects on our ecosystem will also be drastically noticeable. With continuing efforts to increase the global accessibility of our products, we hope to also educate consumers and alter behaviours for the sake of a cleaner, greener environment.



  • Plastic is tormenting our society. From the fabrics in our clothing, to our electronic devices, to the containers that store our food and drink - plastic is everywhere.

  • On average, plastic takes between 400-450 years to fully biodegrade in landfill.

  • Oil-based plastics consume as much as 10% of the world’s oil supply.

  • Nearly two-thirds of the plastic produced annually is discarded. Not only is recycling not a sustainable solution, the process of recycling the small fraction of overall plastics creates more atmospheric waste.

  • Pollution is mounting and the threat of global warming is growing in prominence. Manufacturing is putting millions of tons of ozone depleting toxins into the atmosphere but so is recycling.

  • Glass can remain in landfill for up to 1 million years before biodegrading.

  • The combustion of natural gas/fuel oil and the decomposition of raw materials, during the melting of glass, lead to the emission of C02 – and thus deteriorating the ozone layer further.

  • Styrofoam (common material for disposable cups/containers) never fully breaks down in landfill…ever.

  • EcoSouLife stands by our ‘Three Pillars of Sustainability’:


1. Ecologically sourced


  • Using naturally grown materials means our products are carbon neutral to our environment and allow us to manufacture products with the smallest footprint possible.


2. Consciously Created


  • All of our products are designed to be biodegradable (once buried) and break down naturally in less than 36 months with no trace left behind.


3. Zero Waste


  • Made of organic materials grown from the Earth, our products won’t add to our planet’s waste when created or disposed of. We use zero plastic, zero melamine, and zero oil-based ingredients in our products.




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Ecolife International Pty Ltd 72 Batesford Road 3148 Chadstone, VIC Australia +61 3 9568 4222



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Ecolife International Pty Ltd 72 Batesford Road 3148 Chadstone, VIC Australia +61 3 9568 4222



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Ecolife International Pty Ltd 72 Batesford Road 3148 Chadstone, VIC Australia +61 3 9568 4222



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Ecolife International Pty Ltd 72 Batesford Road 3148 Chadstone, VIC Australia +61 3 9568 4222



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Ecolife International Pty Ltd 72 Batesford Road 3148 Chadstone, VIC Australia +61 3 9568 4222

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09.02.2018 - 13.02.2018 Hall: 1.1 Stand: E 31