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Elemntaris is a label, specializing in the production of porcelain jewellery.

In the beginning, there is the material: porcelain, a raw material, which requires, and allows, specific handling because it is not hard but soft. When it is liquid it can be casted in (plaster) forms; when it is a little harder it can be modelled, squeezed, rolled and pressed. You can easily take material away or add some. Furthermore, you can give it extremely delicate surface textures; something which is the base and centre of my works. For even if I repeat the same manufacturing process again and again, the single pieces are still unique. When working by hand tiny prints from the hand’s lines stay on the material, which I do not only tolerate but also appreciate.

At the beginning of the work process porcelain is a malleable mass and allows highly delicate handling, which is perpetuated by firing it at 1250 °C. The material, which has become very hard now, is not only lovely and beautiful but also very comfortable to wear.

The shape of the single elements is similar but never exactly the same. The repetitive is of fundamental importance to my work. Countless single porcelain elements unite to a whole piece; they complete only in a group. The whole is more than just the sum of its parts.

But the outer appearance of the whole is directly linked to its single parts. The single parts determine their own sequence, how close or distant one part may be from the other, and, finally, they also determine the size of the whole work.

In its basic composition porcelain is white and thus appears virgin and pure, but also hard and cold. Sometimes I just leave it like that, but often I add coloring pigments in order to make the material appear more vivid.


Elementaris by Beate Pfefferkorn Carrierastr. 17 01139 Dresden Germany +49 176/64978823 info@elementarisbypfefferkorn.de

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Tendence 2016

27.08.2016 - 30.08.2016 Hall: 9.2 Stand: E 55