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DALI gateway FDG14, bidirectional. Only 1 watt standby loss.

Modular device for DIN-EN 60715 TH35 rail mounting.

2 modules = 36 mm wide, 58 mm deep.

Connection to the Eltako-RS485 bus. Bus cross wiring and power supply with jumper.

Operation in conjunction with FAM14.

Power supply 230 V at terminals N and L.

Up to 64 DALI devices can be connected to the DALI terminals +/-.

The gateway FDG14 controls DALI devices with Enocean wireless transmitters.

Groups 0-7 can be controlled and the broadcast command can be sent. In addition DALI scenes 0-9

can be recalled. DALI installations, which are to be fully controlled with the FDG14, must be configured in groups 0-7.

The configuration software or control modules for it are offered from well-known manufacturers of DALI components (eg Tridonic DALI XC).

The FGD14 internally saves the dimming value for each of the groups 0-7 and supplies this value as feedback. The same feedback telegrams are generated as for an FUD14.

The FDG14 occupies 8 BR14 device addresses. The feedbacks of the device addresses correspond to the dimming values of the DALI groups 0-7 in ascending order.

The FDG14 fulfils the function of the DALI master and the DALI power supply.

Important: Wireless pushbuttons always need to be double-clicked when they are taught-in manually in the FDG14. CLR only needs a single click.

A direction pushbutton or universal push button with identical ID and identical pushbutton can be taught in several times in different groups. The group last selected is always valid. Therefore, a pushbutton can either switch only one group or broadcast to all groups.

One FBH per group can also be taught in. With a manual teach-in this always acts dependent on brightness. With PCT14 you can also set the brightness threshold.

The delay time for switch-off after no motion is detected can be set together in minutes (1 ... 60) for the FBH devices of all groups. The default is 3 minutes.


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