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EM-Systeme GmbH was founded in 1999 and is specialized in ultrasonic and plastic welding as well as ultrasound cutting and its components. Company EM-Systeme develops and builds ultrasonic systems for very different application areas. In addition to the classic applications, which are primarily used for the welding of thermoplastics, many special applications are processed disproportionately. For the textile industry, we offer a wide range of separation welding systems for a variety of different applications. An up-to-date new development is a new truss assembly, which is modular and can be easily integrated into existing and new systems. Furthermore, products for the processing of fiber and fiber composite materials have become a strongly growing part of our product portfolio over the past 10 years. The joining, cutting and spreading of the high-strength materials are now very well established in the market. The close contact with this market led to various new developments, which were partially patent pending. The complete development, construction and a large part of the production is done in our own house.

Range of services

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Ultrasonic Cutting

Cutting an sealing systems for the textile industry

Cutting systems for carbon, glass, aramid fibers and other rigid materials

Knife sonotrode for resin impregnated or dry glass or carbon-fiber mats or fabric

Vibration Cutting

The cutting system with an oscillating blade used to cut a wide variety of different products ranging from rubber, cardboard, cork, composite materials, foams, foils to paste-like products

Tungsten and Ceramic Knives

In addition to our standard knives, which we offer for manual cutting and trimming, as well as vibration and ultrasonic cutting, we also manufacture custom blades for your specific applications

Ultrasonic Welding / Thermoplastic Synthetic Welding

Welding presses for the Thermoplastic Synthetics Industry

Manual tools for welding and cutting

Custom Machines

Many products require custom solutions. We gladly provide offers specific to your individual requirements. Our customs solutions range from individualized components to assemblies and finally customized machines specific to your reqirements.


LS34 the "Universal Model"

The LS40’s big brother was given a bit more size. This allows the use of lower frequencies, which...

EM-Systeme GmbH Feldstr. 21 46149 Oberhausen Germany +49 208 4090800 verkauf@em-systeme.de


LS 40 The "Small One!"

In the original development process, the main emphasis was on size. The device was designed for use...

EM-Systeme GmbH Feldstr. 21 46149 Oberhausen Germany +49 208 4090800 verkauf@em-systeme.de



The generator is the heart of the ultrasound system. It produces the electrical voltage to drive the...

EM-Systeme GmbH Feldstr. 21 46149 Oberhausen Germany +49 208 4090800 verkauf@em-systeme.de

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