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  • Hungary


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Ema - Lion Bonyhadi Zománcáru KFT


The company is established and registered at its present site as \"Magyar zománcárú és fémárugyár\" - Hungarian factory for enamel and metal goods.


The first successes (exhibition gold metal, international fame) of the factory, having 55 employees, are obtained with its enamelled boards. Own enamel receipts are used.


A subsidiary company specialised on enamel boards is established abroad.


The company enters the Enamel Cartel, a step resulting in important production increase.


Production stops on reasons of lacking base material,energy and running capital.


The factory is nationalised under the name of Bonyhádi Zománc M?vek - Bonyhád Enamel Works.


Production is increased due to massive investments.


Exportation (re)starts.


Hungarian enamel production is concentrated into the \"Lampart\" Zománcipari M?vek - \"Lampart\" Enamel Industry, part of which is the Bonyhád factory, where the production of enamelled kitchenware is concentrated.


The production of kitchenware with stainless brim starts, type furnaces are being built, production is continously mechanised.


The factory becomes self-standing again, under the name of Bonyhádi Zománcárugyár - Bonyhád Enamel Factory. Based upon a license agreement with DuPont, manufacturing of Teflon® coated enamelled kitchenware is started. The EMA-LION trademark is registered.


The transformation of the earlier furnaces into radiant tube heated ones is started, new assembly lines for teflon production are built. Important investments are made in the field of environmental protection. Export turnover increases five-fold within ten years.


The company becomes fully Hungarian-owned under the name of \"EMA-LION Bonyhádi Zománcáru Kft.\" - EMA-LION Bonyhád Enamel Ltd.


The construction of a domestic sales network is started, with warehouses opened in Debrecen, Kecskemét, Budapest and at the Bonyhád site.


Factory staff reaches 560; 90% of the production consists of enamelled and DuPont Teflon® Classic, SilverStone, Platinum coated kitchenware. Over 50% of the sales are directed abroad. The company is market leader in the domestic market, 80% of the domestic sales are done via the own wholesale network. After severe testings, the national quality control institute \"KERMI\" approves the use of \"Product of excellent quality\" label for the factory\'s enamelled and coated kitchenware. The cast aluminium kitchenware family ROBUST wins the 1999 Grand Prix of the Hungarian porducts applying. At the same contest, the ALICE and ELIT product families have obtained diplomas of merit.


The construction of the Integrated Management System, consisting of ISO 9001-based quality management, environment protection and safety, is initiated. The PLATINUM family wins the 2000 Grand Prix of the Hungarian products applying. 2001 The company obtains the ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, BS 8800 (MSZ/T 28800) qualification. The ELEKTRO/PROFI range wins the 2001 Grand Prix of the Hungarian products applying.


The ELIT ETC family have obtained diplomas the 2002 Grand Prix of the Hungarian product applying.


The company has succesfuly renewed all the above mentioned integrated management system certificates for another 3 years. A wholesale and a retail shop opens in Györ.


The factory is 100 years-old. Long-standing relationships with the partners have been served by the reliable production and high quality. For the sake of proper identification the buyer's sign and additional pictograms are burnt in the bottom of cookware. Exclusivity is granted in case of adequate quantity. Great emphasis is put on the compliance of the health regulations existing in and out of the field of EC.

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