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  • No. 16, 1st Floor, Indira Nagar, Avinash Road
  • 641603 Tirupur
  • India


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Located in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India, Emperor Textiles is a leading manufacturer of Home Textiles, Accessories, Garments and Woven Fabrics in the country. Established in 1966, Emperor has a history of providing quality and excellence with a fully integrated manufacturing setup.

Emperor has complete in-house facilities that enable us to control each stage of the manufacturing process right from yarn/fabric dyeing, weaving, fabric processing and sewing. Core competencies, years of experience has helped us gain in-depth knowledge and this has led us to produce finest quality of woven home textiles, garments, and yarn-dyed fabrics.

Our linens are sold in some of Europe’s most estimable and exquisite stores. Our customers for fabrics/garments have been leading garment manufacturers and international brands.

Due to our specialized manufacturing capabilities and availability of machinery we manufacture from very small to large quantities, without compromising on quality, . Our total manufacturing capacity is over 7.2 million meters of fabric every year. We use cotton, polyester-cotton blends, polyester-viscose blends, wool, silk, and linen in our products.

We have a core team of well qualified people who control and supervise the entire manufacturing chain and thus ensure consistency in performance and quality to the customer. We are certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for our Quality and Environment Management Systems respectively. We are also a certified manufacturer for Organic Cotton products with a certification from GOTS.

There is no compromise on quality, economy, and flexibility to our customers.

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Our yarn dyeing plant has a variety of machines at its disposal for dyeing yarn used in various applications of fabric dyeing process. The plant has a capacity to produce 5.5 tonnes of dyed yarn per day. The plant can supply dyed or bleached yarn in lots ranging from 1 kg to 1000 kgs. We have also been continuously upgrading our dyeing technology and as a result have one of the most modern dye houses in the region that can dye both Vat and Reactive dyes

Concerned for our surroundings, we have ensured that none of the manufacturing processes are toxic to the environment. And we employ a combination of Reverse Osmosis and Multiple Effect Evaporation in our effluent treatment plant to recycle 100% of its effluent with zero discharge of hazardous waste.

 Emperor weaving mill is equipped with 120 world-class fast and efficient rapier looms of varying widths with a high-speed of 36 air-jet. These looms offer more design choices and flexibility in production.

Our fabric textile weaving looms can weave yarn counts from Ne 2's to Ne 100's with up to eight colours in the weft. With the presence of electronic dobbies all types of designs and variation of can be weaved by the looms.

The fabric processing mill is equipped with Singeing, Continuous Bleaching Range, Stenter, Merceriser, Polymeriser, Sanforiser and Calendaring machines and is capable of producing 600,000 meters of fabric per month. These machines together apply all types of necessary finishes to fabrics, including Easy-Care, Super Soft, ETI, Nano-Care, etc. The plant consistently produces fabrics of superior quality and feel.

The plant is also equipped with hydraulic jiggers for dyeing fabrics economically and has a capacity to dye 2,50,000 meters of fabric per month. Our unique arrangement and choice of machinery available makes it possible to weave all types of fabric efficiently.

Emperor is also a Garment Stitching company, the sewing division has over 200 machines and other necessary infrastructure to produce a variety of end products.Two separate plants individually produce home textile products, accessories and the other manufactures high quality men’s shirts respectively.

All our products are of the highest prevailing standards in the industry. This is achieved through the effective utilization machinery,human resources of a well trained staff for the textile stitching process and a well established quality system

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