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Enovasense is a company providing innovative laser devices for the control of coatings in the production lines.

Enovasense devices are able to control the thickness of very various coating materials (paint, metallic, organic, varnishes...) deposited on all kinds of parts (metallic, polymer, glass...)

The measurement technique is well adapted for in-line control since it is non destructive, contactless and real-time, allowing up to 100% control of the production.


The Enovasense device measures thickness without any contact with the part. Laser and infrared sensors are used to analyse the coating from a distance of 5 to 20 cm.This means that parts can be measured in their industrial coating environment, even when they are on moving lines, at high temperatures, still brittle or wet.

Non destructive

Since very little heat is created by the laser beam, neither the coating nor the part are damaged or altered during measurement. As a result, each part can be systematically measured in industrial applications where, up until now, existing methods have required destruction of the test specimen.

Real time

Measurement takes less than one second. Since the Enovasense process is based on a physical model wich allows to pre-calibrate the device according to the application concerned, calibration is both quicker and easier than it is for most existing methods. For some certain industrial applications, the Enovasense process can even eliminate the calibration step for certain industrial applications.

Range of services

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Enovasense has already experimented this measurement technique on various automotive applications :


  • Paint on metallic and plastic parts of car body

  • Enamel deposition on windshield

  • Polymeric (FKM) coating on head gaskets and other engine parts

  • Metallic anti friction coatings and anti corrosion treatments on engine parts (anodising, galvanizing, electro-deposition...)

  • Metallic plating on plastic parts (chromium, copper, nickel...)


Exhibitor at the following trade fair

Automechanika 2016

13.09.2016 - 17.09.2016 Hall: 1.1 Stand: A 24A