100% watertight 12V Connectors

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Our new watertight sockets protect your vehicle against water entry into the vehicle electronics.



Watertight sockets 7- and 13-pin 12V, according to ISO 1724 and ISO 11446

The current standards according to ISO 1724 and ISO 11446 do not offer 100% water protection for standard sockets. Incoming water can penetrate into the current power outlets via the capillary effect in the electronic control units and cause considerable damage.

In this regard, our new generation of sockets revolutionizes the system and offers the highest standard for the secure connection between towing vehicle and trailer.


Built-in socket for swiveling tow bars

With this new development we make a further step in the direction of safety and reliability. The innovative sealing of all single contacts in conjunction with a groundbreaking redesign of the contact carrier with single wire seal ensures 100% waterproofness of the entire socket.

In addition, in case of damage in the front part of the socket a simple, quick and flexible exchange is possible.

Overall, a safe and innovative solution that benefits our customers.


7-pin 12V System - ISO 1724

The 7-pin 12V connector system is currently the most used system for electrical connections between towing vehicle and trailers with 12V vehicle electrical system. The system is mainly used for applications with average requirements. The system consists of a normal socket according to ISO 1724, type N, and an additional socket according to ISO 3732, type S. To avoid confusion with the normal system, the supplementary system features white housings, contact inserts and different contact arrangements.


7+6-pin 12V System - NEN 6120

The 7+6-pin 12V connector system is compatible with the standard ISO 1724 for 7-pin trailer connectors. In addition, it can be wired based on the standard ISO 11446 for 13-pin trailer connectors. Therefore, the system can be used for the electrical connection of towing vehicles and trailers both in 7-pin and as 13-pin operation.


13-pin 12V System

The 13-pin 12V connector system was designed by ERICH JAEGER at the end of the 80´s because of higher requirements of the automotive industry. The increased contact number in comparison to the 7-pin system allows the transmission of all light and additional electrical functions with only one plug.

Due to its advantages in terms of waterproofness, stability, contact safety and ease of handling through bayonet locking, the system is increasingly displacing the older connector generations. The system is constantly being developed by ERICH JAEGER according to the latest automotive requirements.


2-, 3- and 4-pin Connectors

This product group contains different connectors for special applications. The 1-2-pin / 6-24V system according to ISO 4165 is used for the connection of lights and electrical devices (f.e. portable refrigerators and coffee makers). The 4-pin system according to DIN 72575 is used for the transmission of special functions between towing vehicle and trailer. The connectors according to DIN 14690 (2-pin 6-42V) are used for battery charge. The 3-pin system according to DIN 9680 (similar) is used by some vehicle manufacturers for the electrical transmission of special functions.


ABS-EBS 12V System

The ABS/EBS connectors are used on nearly every commercial vehicle type with ABS/EBS System. They show safety features like automatic ejection of the plug in case of faulty wiring. To avoid confusion between 12V and 24V connectors, the systems feature different coding. The system can be used for ADR applications.

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