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Pulsaï distributes the creations of the brands Mukul Goyal, LE LABO design and L'or J in Europe and especially concentrates on French, German and English speaking countries.

The team of Pulsaï is composed of experts that are active in western Europe and south east Asia. Our business experience is very diverse: starting from development, through production up till sales and services online. Still we never forget our main target: product quality and service.

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At Tendence 2016, Pulsai presents the creations of the brands Mukul Goyal, LE LABO design and L'or J.

Mukul Goyal : a surprising design collection

With an eclectic milieu of inspirations - India - and his keen fondness for artistic interpretation, every product in the Mukul Goyal signature collection is a simple story told with a twist! As Mukul Goyal designs with his heart, he gives the customer the opportunity to enjoy his product from another perspective. He loves creating articles which awake interest, surprise and enchant a smile on your face. Gifts, tableware, bar and desktop accessories, decoration items... So many design items to smile at!

LE LABO design: a fascinating material

LE LABO design offers a large variety of tableware, decoration accessories and lamps made of chainmail. The material also allows them to offer very exclusive partitions and curtains which are very thin and subtle, provide the right degree of privacy and give a fantastic light, shadow and sound show.

Chainmail is a splendid material which one does not see often anymore. Chainmail has the wonderful characteristic to adapt to its surrounding and hence can be very well combined with other forms and materials to result in object that enhance the flair and glamour of any surrounding it is set in. The variety of combining it with metal plates create an aesthetic that is sure to enchant you.

The products are all made in France. They involve machine production processes but also a large part of the manufacturing still involves skilled craftsmanship to bring the best out of each design, technical quality and standards.

L’or J: a unique collection of jewelry

Through her creations, the young designer Carole Jaunault demonstrates her unique skills in processing chainmail by creating master pieces. She is constantly inspired by her environnement and applies the best of industrial technologies to create her collections.

All the creations are personnaly handmade by her in her workshop in France.

She combines elegance with perfect handcrafting technics to create chic pieces made of metal and semi-precious stones.

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"Malao" Necklace from L'or J

The "Malao" necklace like the other jewellery from L'or J is made of chainmail. Chainmail is a...

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Tendence 2016

27.08.2016 - 30.08.2016 Hall: 9.0 Stand: E 02

Ambiente 2017

10.02.2017 - 14.02.2017 Hall: 9.0 Stand: E 01