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Alphastage :

We is internationally  recognized for our range of semi-trailer mobile stage the famous “Alphastage “, this range provide all the following benefits :  

Innovating systems :

All the materials used are responding to the concerns of the entertainers; weather, safety, environment friendly (recyclable)…

Quick assembly :

After positioning the trailer, the assembly of this 256m² mobile stage takes about 6 hours for about 6 qualified people, depending of course on the leveling of the ground and the weather. 

Energetic independency:

No need to use any source of electrical power during the assembly! This mobile stage is equipped with a heat engine allowing the stage to open up almost by itself.

Less painful conditions :

A traditional covered stage needs many operations, often very difficult and dangerous to accomplish. This situation can become more uncomfortable when the weather conditions turn out to be unfriendly. But with ALPHASTAGE  the assembly and dismantling process becomes less painful to operate for the technicians because it gives good conditions of work and security, never equaled so far.

Cover’s sealing :

This covered mobile stage, which the roof is made of composite materials, insures an optimal protection against water leaks, letting all the electrical installations safe and dried.

Stability and security :

The structure is deployed with hydraulic jacks and all the different parts are integral portions. Its weight (in average 4 times more than a traditional stage) insures a real capacity to face difficult weather conditions.

Capacities :

The distributed load capacity of the roofs offers a wide range of hanging points to install all the equipment necessary to perform.

Sustainable development :

This product has been designed to be installed with the least power supply possible and no particular engine needed. The stage only needs 15 liters of basic gasoline to accomplish the whole operation, which makes it the least polluting mobile stage on the market.

Controlling :

Beside the verification operated by our technicians when using the stage, ALPHASTAGE is completely controlled during all step of its production in our manufacture et enable you to work with highest level of safety.

100% Made in France :

The ALPHASTAGE is the newest generation of mobile stages manufactured by EUROPODIUM. It is still today recognized as an exceptional “Made in France” product.

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Europodium SAS

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Range of services

Full range of stage composed with the following  available sizes :

Stage floor sizes : 80 M²

Alphastage 80 with 6.20 M clearance

Alphastage 80 BIG with 8 M clearance

Stage floor sizes : 120 M²

Alphastage 120 with 6.20 M clearance

Alphastage 120BIG with 8 M clearance

Stage floor sizes : 160 M², 224 M² and 256 M²

Alphastage 160with 8 M clearance

Alphastage 224 with 10.5 M clearance

Alphastage 256 with 10.5 M clearance