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EUROSIDER, the company behind the unique and revolutionary NitroTherm Spray has been working since 1973 in the field industrial gas production, in particular Nitrogen and Oxygen.

EUROSIDER's owner and founder, Mr. Ottavio Milli, had a lucky intuition to apply his experience in gases production to the world of coating, which brought to the creation of NitrothermSpray method 10 years ago. Milli considered the physical properties and potential advantages or disadvantages of gases in the air flow. He applied his commercial knowledge of their cost-effective supply to understand what improvements and practical benefits there could be by substituting the standard compressed air with another gas. The inherent differences between nitrogen (N2) and air (despite the dominant presence of N2 in air) quickly revealed nitrogen’s many advantages and enormous potential in every aspect of coating.

Now the company's core business is production and marketing of the Nitrotherm machines used for coating with nitrogen-enriched flow, and a long-term vision of the company is to see this revolutionary method become an industry standard. With its system in use in all 6 inhabited continents, EUROSIDER can proudly name among its customers the most well-know automotive OEMs and other companies, whose products we use every day. EUROSIDER operates  from  its offices in Grosseto, Italy, with direct agents and distributors in Italy and abroad.

EUROSIDER works with CRS-i as an official distributor in Germany for body-shop sector.

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EUROSIDER products are on-site units, that replace compressed air with nitrogen enriched flow and provide temperature control and ionizing options.

Even with carefully controlled booths, the compressed air itself can be cold or hot as it is generated elsewhere - often exposed to the ambient temperature - and is often piped significant distances between compressor and booth. Compressed air cools rapidly as it expands as it exits the gun. Heating air raises its moisture content.

Nitrogen however is anhydrous and contains zero moisture whether hot or cold. With its internal temperature controls, the NTS system allows the user to control the temperature of the fluid carrier so the paint can be atomized and applied at the optimum temperature. The flow of nitrogen ensures constant viscosity and controlled painting conditions all day every day. The result is outstanding, much more efficient and repeatable finish.

The NTS system integrates into existing paint lines but makes them work much more efficiently. It is science at work and is the reason users across the coating industry are increasingly adopting NTS. And the inherent combined properties of the NTS system guarantees, whether users have perfect booth and supply air systems or not, that they will be able to apply their paint with significant savings using NTS.

NitrothermSpray evolution

And Eurosider’s revolution continues. The trail-blazer NitroTherm Spray line continues to perfectly suit a wide range of users but is now joined by other product lines. NitroRobot is designed primarily for rotary bell guns and Polifluid is for powder paint users. Other product lines such as ThermoCoat, MFS and MAS control systems perform across the range of Eurosider products. The latest news is Nitrolux which applies benefits of using nitrogen to polishing and sanding. Eurosider and its R&D team continues to develop its product line both in-house and in collaboration with global coating equipment makers to ensure seamless integration.



Nitrolux is an innovative system that uses nitrogen for polishing and sanding. The contact surface...

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